Finished Skyrim

Well, by "finished" I mean I beat Alduin. It took about 36 hours. The only main side quests I've finished was the mage guild and the bard's guild. I have lots and lots left, but I managed to finish the main story before the release of Diablo III (one day before actually!!!).

Anyway, I'm really not sure if I enjoyed the game. At the end of the day, I think I did. For some reason, the combat did something for me although it wasn't too much more than circle strafe. I played as a nord with light armor, block and one handed weapons. I finished the game at level 26.

I guess the thing that I enjoyed most about Skyrim was the fact that it felt like I was always progressing. It felt like I was always building on my character and was always leveling up. I also liked getting more and better loot--but I felt like I wasn't getting as much useful stuff for my particular build.

The thing that I couldn't stand about the game though was the loading. I wonder of the 36 hours I put into the game, how much of that involved me rotating the object that was on the loading screen. I mean, I would travel to some place (which would require a load), then enter the city/dungeon (load), and within that place load more. That was probably the most frustrating part about it. Some of the crashes bugged me, but I've never really lost that much progress (thank god). I guess another thing that drove me crazy was the voice acting. There were like 3 main dude voices and 3 main lady voices. It didn't help that one of those main dude voices had a TERRIBLE Ah-nold like accent and was annoying. Thought some of the story was weak as well.

But considering all the stuff that the game provided, I guess my complants are a bit small. Overall, I think it was a good game. I just didn't get into all the systems (could never figure out how to enchant anything). I can definitely see how someone could sink over a hundred hours into the game. Now on to Diablo III.