Why can't I quit you.....Dragon's Lair?

So the iPhone version of  Dragon's Lair was released a few days ago and, of course, I got the thing.  I actually bought Space Ace a few days earlier when I heard that EA was going to publish DL for the iPhone.  Now, I admit--the game is kind of frustrating.  It is impossible to pass almost any level without knowing what to do before the level begins.  It is trial-and-error at it's worst.  The only way to play is to memorize.  With all that being said-I love this game on the iPhone and it is the 3rd time that I've bought this game. 
I really don't think anyone less than the age of 30 can really appreciate this game, because by today's standards, and by "game" standards--I does kind of suck.  But the first time I saw the intro reel play at my local Showbiz Pizza, I fell in love with this game.  I had keep putting in the 50 cents to play.  I never really got good in the arcade, but always thought the game as nothing but awesome. 
Later when the game was released in the PC, it didn't have soundcard support, and not all the levels were included, and also the levels weren't random (like in the arcade), but I had to get the game, and play it over and over again, until I finally won it.  Even after winning the game, I felt like it wasn't the "real" Dragon's Lair experience and I always wanted the EXACT arcade game at home.  I felt like I needed more. 
The next time I got DL, was when it was released on DVD.  Not a PS2 or XBox, but a DVD player.  Now this game looked great, sounded great, and had some fun documentaries but it suffered from the constraints of DVD tech.  This "game" did not have the random order of the levels like in the arcade, and it had severe lag after inputting your controls--kind of annoying, but I was experiencing DL with best graphics and sound to date.  I actually enjoyed this version, but still wished to have a perfect arcade port. 
I somehow managed NOT to buy this game when it came out on Blu-ray (did get it through Netflix though) and I thought the conversion was great.  It looked stunning and the sound was faithfully reproduced, but I couldn't picture myself playing this thing on the PS3 (not sure of the levels were random either...). 
So when I broke down and bought the game for the iPhone ($5--how could I not get this game), I was really surprised how much I was enjoying the game.  I love the face that if offers you the arcade mode (random levels, and if you fail a level it goes to another one), or a "Home" mode (where the levels are random, but you keep doing a level until you succeed or loose all your lives).  The graphics are spot on, and the sound is great.  This game is actually perfect for the iPhone, because while I can't see myself in the future sitting down and playing DL for 30 minutes straight (hell, even 10 minutes), having it on the phone let's me play for 1 game (2 minutes?) before I go on to other things.  Good times.