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Best of 2010

jclane: Best of 2010 
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  • No other game on this list has deeper lore in my opinion.That's exactly what BioWare is good at:crafting a universe with compelling characters and interesting places to explore,all topped off by an expansive story.Whilst this "dark second chapter" put the main plot to the sides in favour of giving the main cast rich history,there's no denying that from start to finish Mass Effect 2 had its enveloped hooks stuck deep within my frame.

  • Just because it has the Rockstar label slapped on it,Red Dead Redemption should not be taken for granted at first glimpse.Why you ask? Well,the actual developer branch,San Diego,has only produced titles such as the RD Revolver and the Midnight Club games.In short,they aren't the infamous Rockstar North team who have brought more triple A titles to the table than can be counted on one hand.However,it's safe to lay those worries to rest because RDR feels like a true Rockstar experience through and through.With mature story telling in comparison to the Grand Theft Auto games of yesteryear and some intrusive gameplay mechanics welded into the Wild West world,Rockstar San Diego have proven that they have just as much soul put into their games as their fatherhood companions.

  • BC2's main department of intrigue for me lies in its presentation quality.As the main title suggests,the battlefield is well represented in DICE's second console focused outing.What's more impressive is the gameplay details such as bullet drop and the difficulty of piloting a helicopter.Moreover,there are no one man army antics in this FPS,just strictly a team-based effort.

  • UH UH UH UH UH! as one Mr. Ryan Davis was believed to have said.What Ubisoft Montreal managed to produced in simply a year is somewhat of a mind-breaker.In any case,Brotherhood's single player does not cut any corners and its fancy and unique multiplayer component is like an overwhelming desert after a pop-bellied main course.

  • With an interesting story in the campaign and the surreal intensity introduced in the wager matches,Treyarch are finally clawing after Infinity Ward's legacy.

  • The little Metal Gear that could,despite the fact that some of the boss fights are the most colossal beasts (both in metal and flesh) in the franchise's long history.Also,a nice art style to accompany the series' traditional lengthy cut-scenes helps give Peace Walker some heart.

  • Sure,MAG doesn't exactly offer the sheer depth of Halo or Battlefield titles,but with a sheer player count and solid shooting basis,Zipper can give themselves 256 pats on the back.

  • Calling this gem 1.5 is to lose part of your soul.SMG2 echos with wondrous level design and some refreshing 3D Mario gameplay mechanics.

  • After a long hiatus of "good" Formula 1 video games,trust in Codemasters to bring an authentic experience that lets players experience one of the fastest racing variants on the planet.

  • With a wealth of cars and some strict rules applied to certain events,GT5 is for those who take their motor sports seriously.