Gamebreaking bug after winning the playoffs - solution inside

After two seasons of playing my My Player shooting guard for the Toronto Raptors, I've finally managed to bring my team from the bottom of the pack to the top team to beat =) (Even despite getting injured an alarming 4 times in a season). Most of the original team got traded around with other franchises the moment I joined, but a couple of the original players remained or got traded back (Bayless and Kleiza).

Winning the championship was fun! They even added in a presentation of the trophy for you when you win this year. The White House Obama thing is back again also... yes, it still looks awkward. Getting the game to work properly after winning the championship, however, was another matter. Following the victory, before the press conference, the game hangs up on loading... at first I was scared that my game got messed up. After I disabled the autosave feature in the options though, everything worked right again. I had to repeat the last playoff game, though (missed out on my double-double performance too =/ ); so make sure you disable the autosave option before you play a potential series ending game!