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I have to say it's for the best. Personally I think the country should follow New York's lead (in banning giant sodas) but also just outright ban foods with excessive calories. You say it's the people's choice, but obviously the people can't choose. I'm sick of the grossly obese people riding scooters around Wal-Mart. One of these days I'll just have to go scooter-tippin.

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Congrats on the purchase! I was an original Kindle Fire user and I actually got $130 for my Fire on eBay the week before the HD came out so I effectively got the 7" HD for just $69!

I like reading The Walking Dead on mine.

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I don't think I ever did this so...

I'm Jonathan, I'm 25 and from Pennsylvania. I graduated with a BA in English from Penn State in 2010 but couldn't seem to go anywhere with it without going back to school (which would've been too costly considering I'm already in a good bit of debt) so I enlisted in the USAF. Yes, enlisted. I could've gone officer but my recruiter made it out to seem it'd be much quicker and easier to enlist and worry about commissioning later. I believed him. Anyway I've been in for 15 months so far (enlisted 6 years) and I work avionics on the F-15E at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. Idaho's not as bad as I thought it'd be, and Boise is an incredibly pleasant city.

I'm a 360 gamer who loves Call of Duty, Madden and Halo. Hate me all you want. I also enjoy Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc. and am currently playing a bit of Dishonored.

I'm a Mac and iPhone user (hate me again). I have a 13" MacBook Pro that's my baby. I love the sexiness of Apple hardware and software and think it's worth every penny. I mean a car is a car, do you hate everyone who spends more money on a luxury car that does the same thing a Honda Civic does? So why is it such a bad thing to buy more expensive hardware if you like it? Spare me "My $400 PC is better", I don't care. It will never look and feel like a Mac and that's what I like.

As much as I like the iPad, I own and use a Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet and am more than happy with it. It's great for watching movies and Minecraft and Final Fantasy III work great on it. It's also amazing for reading magazines and books.

I listen to all types of music, mostly modern rock and rap. More hate coming my way I'm sure, but I like Lil' Wayne as much as I enjoy listening to My Chemical Romance...

I like all kinds of movies but most of the time enjoy a good idie romance flick (Like Crazy, Listen to Your Heart, Happy Thank You More Please) more than any flashy action pic. Sue me.

One more reason a lot of people will hate me. I REFUSE to believe in physical media. It's useless trash. However I'm forced to buy disc games because AAA Xbox games aren't available in downloadable format until way after launch, if at all. I want all my games 100% digital. I've replaced my Blu Ray library with HD and HDX movies through Vudu and Amazon, and use a streaming media player and my Xbox as my source for movies. I don't buy newspapers, books or magazines unless they're digital. I only buy digital music (well I collect vinyl records, but that's different). I don't ever want to see a disc or BD disc again in my life. I hate having them on my shelves...Other stuff could be in that space. I really hope the Xbox 720 offers ALL games via download on day one.

Seeya later.