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As someone who just started playing casually with my friends, this sounds absoluteley perfect. I'm pretty new but am eager to learn as much as I can and do my best. Steam ID: JDUB XL

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Any update on this?

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On December 18th I deleted and re submitted the account to GB and it grabbed all my achievements up to that point. Problem is it still is not updating automatically. Anyone know why?

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Not sure why but my WoW achievements have not updated since Dec 11th. That was shortly after I added my character to my GB account. I have gotten many more achievements since that time.

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My main TV is this one: 
But this happens on every display I have tried.

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Any one else?

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I am going to revive this thread to see if anyone else has any advice for me on this fine Saturday night.

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So lately I am experiencing a weird issue that is affecting my game time every day. I have tried multiple TVs, 360s, and even my PS3 but this problem just keeps happening. I am getting tons of jaggies all over ever lines that should be straight and getting a weird problem where lines that should be straight are dotted or segmented and move around when I move my character or camera. This issue is really annoying me and worst of all is I have no idea how to fix it. I know there is not a lot of anti aliasing on console games but this is just ridiculous. I have played my 360 every day for the last 3 years and I know that something is wrong. I am playing in 720p and have tried both component and HDMi.
I made some videos:

  Is there any graphical experts that can give me some advice as to what I could do to fix this? Like I said, I have tried everything I can think of.
  • My TV does not really have any special processing modes as it is a cheap Best Buy TV.
  • My TV has 6 sharpness settings and changing them does not really do anything.
  • What really bothers me is the weird white dots on lines that should just be plain lines. The overall jaggyness does not bother me as much but is still quite annoying in some cases.
  • I have tried a few TVs, a different 360, different cables, and even tried my computer monitor. I do not understand why this is happening.
Also, I do not play enough PS3 games to bee 100% sure, but I am pretty sure it does the same thing on that on different TVs as well.
So basically my problem seems to be a magical anomaly that defies any scientifically or logical reason for it to be happening. 
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    That looks pretty legit bro.

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    This post is a re-post my article from BrokenFace.net. If you like, please check out BrokenFace.net and subscribe to our podcast.

    Almost anyone who knows me is well aware that Fallout 3 was not only my favorite game of 2008 but is also one of my favorite game of all time. There is just something about the destroyed and depressing future mixed with the backwards retro-futuristic setting that really resonated with me and it is a joy for me to say that New Vegas keeps many of these sensibilities and yet also adds some well thought improvements and new features. Fans of Fallout 3 will find a whole lot to love here while people who did not enjoy Bethesda's previous effort probably will not find a whole lot to change their mind.

    The first thing that becomes apparent is how different a setting the Mojave Wasteland is from the Capital Wasteland. Gone are the depressing green tinted radiated streets and replaced is the sandy and dusty desert of the western united states. Right off the bat I got the impression that things are a lot better off in this part of the country compared to the east coast. pretty much immediately you find clean water, which is pretty much unheard of in Fallout 3. I can't quite put my finger on it yet but it just feels less depressing. It may be the way that people seem to live in real buildings in real towns, instead of in makeshift homes like Megaton and Rivet City.

    New Vegas also adds some new mechanics to the mix. Added is a food and ammo crafting system, multiple ammo types, gun mods, reputation system, and some new companion improvements.I have not spent too much time with the crafting systems or new ammo types but I find that the rep and companion systems add a lot to the game.

    The Reputation system not only changes how missions often play out but also who just naturally wants to help you and who wants to kill you on sight. Both towns and factions keep track of how much they like or hate you and doing things for or against one side can tip the scales to one side greatly. In my brother's game, he is friendly with a faction that wants me dead really bad, and that was decided from one side mission in the game. I can't wait to see how choosing sides can affect the story later on.

    The companion system has also been expanded and improved. You now have a command wheel that you can use to give orders to your companions and unless you are playing on Hardcore mode, they cannot die. In Fallout 3, I pretty much never took companions with me and stuck to the lone wolf lifestyle. I just did not want to feel like baby sitting anyone. In New Vegas, I already have 2 companions and I actually enjoy having them around. They often kill things that I don't want to waste ammo on and never get in the way.

    The biggest problem with New Vegas is the bugs. I don't mean Radroaches or Bloatflies. I mean annoying technical issues and sometimes performance killing problems.

    I am playing the game on PC and the biggest issue seems to be a wide spread problem that makes the frame rate drop significantly for no reason when NPCs are on screen or in your immediate area. The problem is so annoying and widespread that fans have taken it upon themselves to make various fixes that are an ok temporary band-aid but not a perfect solution. This problem seems to not be caused by PC specs since even people with the most powerful rigs are experiencing it. I personally play the game on the highest settings and have no real other performance problems other than the NPC bug. It has something to do with the programing of the facial expressions of the characters because toggling emotions helps a little bit and turning off heads completely fixes it. I am personally using a fan made fix that forces the game into directX 9 which helps a lot but is not perfect. Obsidian themselves really need to fix this.

    Other glitches I have ran into include sound glitches, texture flickering, lip syncing errors, and minor scripting and AI bugs. I have also ran into NPCs and Enemies spawning inside the ground and furniture. Most of these problems can be fixed by reloading or are not distracting enough to be a bother. It is very apparent that this is a Gamebryo engine game.

    Aside from the minor graphical glitches, New Vegas is a really nice looking game on high settings. That makes it even more annoying when performance problems randomly take you out of the experience. 

    All in all, Fallout New Vegas seems to be a game that many players will either love or hate. I highly encourage everyone give it a try to find out which camp you fall in.

    "War...war never changes."