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Fast, Fun, and Pretty 0

I don't really have that much experience with the original Hydro Thunder. It was always a game that was around at the local Nickel City but was always occupied with players both playing and waiting to play. I found myself playing things that were open and available most of the time. The times I did play it, it seemed like a perfectly fast, fun, and colorful water racing game.I am happy to say that this new entry in the series is exactly that. It's pretty fast, it's very fun, and the cours...

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A very worthy downloadable title 0

DeathSpank is a game that I see getting a lot of mixed opinions about lately. Some like it for what it is, while others see what it isn't and wish it were more. I am of the former group. Growing up playing mostly console games, I do not really have much experience in the loot driven hack and slash RPG genre. There are a few great exceptions but for the most part the genre has a pretty scarce amount of offerings available on consoles.I feel that DeathSpank does a great job at offering a good slic...

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A Timey Wimey Adventure 0

Singularity is by definition; a game that should not be good. It borrows almost every idea, gameplay mechanic, and basic structure from other games. It places you in very simple situations that require you to use the games time mechanics  in very contrived ways. It also has the same very basic shooting mechanics of nearly every other first person shooter. Yet somehow, even With all these things stacked against it, Singularity manages to be a fun time tripping adventure.  Singularity takes place ...

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Autobots Roll Out! 0

  It's been quite a few years since a good console Transformers game was released. Atari's Transformers for PS2 was released way back in 2004. That was a pretty good game at the time, but as the years went on, so many bad movie based Transformers games have come along and the series has fallen into a hole once more. High Moon Studio's Transformers: War for Cybertron, thankfully breaks that tradition.    The game is set as a prequel to the cartoon series. It takes place on the transforming robots...

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One of the better kids games in a while. 0

    It has been roughly 6 months since I decided I would no longer play very many games that were made specifically for children. In 2009 I would play almost anything no matter how terrible it was or how bored I was while playing it. In 2010 I have stuck pretty closely to my plan and have been only playing games that I have been genuinely interested in playing.  I am pretty happy that I made an exception for Toy Story 3: The Video Game. While the game is very clearly made for children, I t...

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Crazy fun in an impressive game world 0

Just Cause 2 has one of the most impressive open worlds of any game I have ever played. It's big, really really big. While most games with open worlds skimp on the details and often graphical fidelity Just Cause 2 fully delivers on both respects. Avalanche Software has taken great care to fill the island of Panau with an incredible amount of varied sights to feast your eyes on. You will visit vibrant jungles, snow covered mountains, arid deserts and gigantic expanses of open water. All this come...

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