Best of 2010

wasteguru: Best of 2010

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  • Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game this year without question.

  • The best Assassin's Creed Game to date.

  • A great Send off by Bungie. Reach has a great story and good characters, but what makes it for me in the multiplayer. Halo: Reach's multiplayer is the perfection of the Halo formula and something that I will be playing for years.

  • This game is crazy! It does a wonderful job of making you feel like a total badass.

  • I fucking love this game as much as I hate it. Its a brutal but satisfying platformer that brings out the completionist in me.

  • Dude, Its fucking Pac-Man in 2010!

  • An amazing open world that brings its world to live in a way that few games do.

  • This dark Legend of Zelda style game is a lot of fun.

  • This game marks my 3rd play-though of Persona 3. It goes to show how good of a game that Persona 3 is. Playing as a female offered a new perspective that changed up the game enough to make it worth playing again.

  • Yeah I know but I couldn't help myself. Theres just something about Deadly Premonition that stuck with me in a way that most games don't. The music, characters, story, what seems like intentional bad game design, all of it works together to create a unique game that I will remember for quite sometime.