Jecrell: Wishlist

List items

  • I'd probably play with the editors for a long time. Hopefully the game will be fun as well.

  • Looks so crazy damn awesome... Time to memorize the levels alerady?

  • This could be good, could be really bad, but as a longtime Fallout fan I'll buy it anyway just to see it through. It still pisses me off that none of the developers of the original games were even bothered to be contacted concerning this entire game's development. Way to give the cold shoulder Bethesda.

  • Starcraft 2 -- the memories I had of the first game's custom maps still make me sigh in nostalgia. Who could forget The Thing map, where one of your team is infected and you're all the same color, and the power could go out and you'd have to find fireplaces or turn the power back on, and at any time one of you could turn into an Ultralisk and cause some serious damage. The only way to be sure no one was The Thing is to check blood in a certain room, but usually one or two people don't show up in time, and you never know just quite who The THing is until it's either too late or it's been killed.