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Buggy System... 0

What can I say about Tron Evolution, I came into it will high hopes and expectations because at first it looked awesome! So I picked it up at my local game store and tried it out....long story short it didn't live up to my expectations....  Graphically the game is disappointing, dated visuals and bad character models really bring the game down. The one thing that really got to me about the game was how similar every single environment was, EVERY level in this game is blue will the exception of a...

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A lot of hate for this little game.. 0

Ok so I came into Quantum theory expecting very little from it...I mean come on we all herd the basic tag line for this game, "Japanese Gears of War" once I herd this I sighed. Let me get this point across, I bought this when it was only 20 dollars because I don't recommend getting this at full price. Now thats out of the way I can continue....  First off the concept of the game is pretty much a gears clone which to me is not necessarily a bad thing because gears was awesome. I was worried about...

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