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GameStop Hate Rant

I know i've been kind of an appologist when it comes to Game$top on this site but there is one thing that annoys me about them(besides the high pricing on used games).  Whenever i call into a gamestop they allways sound completly ignorant as to what is on the website, i mean IT'S YOUR OWN FREAKING WEBSITE for cryin outloud.  Also, why are some games priced cheaper on the site than in a paticular store?  Assuming that they would rather have you make your purcheses throught them instead of online then why make you pay more. 
I just recently called a store to ask them which games were eligible for a certain trade offer and the dude didn't seem to wanna help me.  He just said "tell me what games you wanna trade and i'll tell you if they're eligible or not", i don't have time to run down the list of games i own and i doubt he'd have the time either.  Would it have been that to just say "go to and look under trade-in offers"?  After he gave up trying to assist me i hung up on him and found the list of eligible trade-ins on the site myself.
Feels good to get that off my chest but i still don't why they can't just bring up the website on their computer and tell you where to find what you need.