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Persona 4 Journey - part 2

So far i'm 15 hours in, i'm lvl 16 and i managed to save Yukiko before the be rain started.  I was lvl 14 when i fought Shadow Yukiko and i was a little scared i would wipe out but i managed to pull it off.  I think i'm getting a hang of the combat and the choosing which skills your fused Personas inherit helps a lot. 
One thing i really like is that the Money Hands don't appear as generic shadow blobs and you actually have to chase em around the dungeon.  Also the new Shuffle Time system is nice since if you wanna grind earlier dungeons for money you can just keep choosing the Money card. 
Swung by the Shrioku Pub at night and while i didn't have enough gems to buy anything it looks like i'll be buying some of my high level gear from there.  Also nice to know the armor/weapon shop is open late too.   

 Looking forward to what becomes of this. ;)
 Looking forward to what becomes of this. ;)
I'm happy to say that my Courage is now at 'Reliable' and in an effort to prepare for midterms i stayed home on Showa Day(whatever that is) to read my study guide.
 That's pretty much all feel like sharing right now so i'll just leave you all with this image. 
 I kinda wish Shadow Chie looked like this. :-D
 I kinda wish Shadow Chie looked like this. :-D