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Persona 4 Journey - part 4**Spoilers about Marie!**

So many great memories have been made playing this, this one however has got to be the biggest yet.

I didn't think the Ski Trip could get any more exciting. I was just snuggling up to Yukiko in the cold shack when the Velvet Lady, Margret, pulled me into one of the craziest dungeons yet. I knew i had to save Marie, i didn't spend all those days getting close to her and making new memories just for her to throw her life away. What i found at the end of the Hollow Forrest was not quite what i expected however, it was she that absorbed the fog that covered the down and she believed that she had to die. I would NOT have that, thanks my kick-ass team of Shadow Killers we freed Marie of the fog that controlled her!

Now Marie is Free to make many more memories with her new friends in Inaba. I can't wait to see what happens on Valentines day!