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Quick Comparisons

Since i rented Spider-man 3 this past weekend i thought i'd do a comparison between that and the most recent Spidey game, Web of Shadows.  There's a lot of things i like about both games and i think if those features were merged then it would make and awsome Spider-man game.
1. The Swinging Mechanic:
  I'll say right off the bat that i enjoy the swinging mechanic in Spidey3 much better than WoS.  It feels natural and it's the most enjoyable part in the entire game.  It's understandable that the developers of WoS were going for a much looser system that was easier to just pick up and play but perhaps they could have two different options in the next game.
2. The Combat:
Spidey3's combat is pretty boring and and can lead to some very frustrating boss battles later in the game.  WoS on the other hand has a combat system that resembles how you would imagine the Web-head would fight.  Some of my favorite moments in that game were when i used nothing but airel combos fighting a boss miles above the ground.
3. Story:
While disjointed, Spidey3 does a fairly good job of shoehorning in as many Spider-man villians as they can.  One of the things that WoS boasted about was there would be A LOT of heroes and villians helping to fight off the symbiote "invasion" but as it turned out there were only a handfull of characters you could fight along side with(i think FoF had more potential sidekicks than WoS).  In Spidey3 you fight a whole bunch of villians including Scorpion, Rhino, and even the Kingpin.  I probebly speak for Spidey fans everywhere when i say i'd love to see a game where you fight the entire Sinister Six.

4. Random Crime Missions:
I have no idea why this was cut from WoS but it's deffinatly a feature that needs to be in the next game.  Maybe something like where you do more random crime fighting the higher your noteriaty with the city goes.  Also, it may sound uninportant but i'd like to see more photo missions where you can earn money to buy skill upgrades and such.
All of those features listed would make a pretty awsome Spidey game, who knows, maybe even the BEST!  Now the only thing we need is a developer who cares about the fans and doesn't cut corners.