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Best of 2011

Best games of 2011

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  • Dead Space 2 is everything i would've wanted from a DS sequel and more. Zero-G puzzle solving, edge of your seat excitement and a great atmosphere that makes you feel like danger is lurking around every corner. DS2 is exactly like a really good space based action movie.

  • Where the original Portal gave players an experience like no other, Portal 2 expands on the existing backstory while still making the gameplay as engaging as the first. The excellent performance by J.K. Simmions as Cave Johnson makes for a very memorable game.

  • A 3rd AC title stating Ezio may have been jumping the shark a little bit but AC: Revelations still delivers an intriguing single player story, great voice acting and improved facial animations that put it's predicessors to shame. There is also still no other competative multiplayer game like in AC:R. The addition of story related unlocks as you progress makes playing it well worth the time and effort, even if your not big into multiplayer.

  • Batman, Batman, Batman. Oh and Mark Hamill as the Joker.

  • The MMO that every die hard Star Wars fan has dreamed of(No, not SWG).

  • A great Kinect game from Twisted Pixel and hopefully not the last we see from them.

  • A great adventure game and a well written piece of classic noir storytelling.

  • I never played the original release but the HD remake is a great experience and it's game that everyone should play.

  • If you ever wanted to see a fourth Back to the Future movie then this is it. Episode 1 may have been released last year but Episodes 2-5 were all out in 2011 technically the series counts as 2011 game.

  • A great throwback to a bygone era when solving a puzzle in and adventure game made you feel really smart.