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From the genius minds that brought you Portal! 0

I'll skip the obvious comparisons to Portal since it kinda does this game a big disservice. I was somewhat intrigued by Quantum Conundrum when it was announced by Kim Swift but it wasn't until i saw the Giant Bomb QL that i was immediately sold on it.You have 4 dimensions which can manipulate at will: Fluffy(makes things lighter), Heavy(makes things heavy as well as invincible to lasers), slow-mo and anti-gravity. In some levels you will only have access to 2 or 3 of these dimensions but where t...

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Great Mission if your Itching for more Mass Effect! 3

Some people have rediculously high expectations for DLC, they think it should compliment the main game when it's really ment as an extra optional mission for fans who just can't get enough of.  Having said that i think this is a nice addition to an already fantastic game.  The mission itself isn't very long but the main focus of the pack is the chacter Kasumi, who you can recruit and take on other missions through out the main game.    If you downloaded the free Zaeed pack then it is pretty much...

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Not the best Fallout DLC but still one hell of a ride! 0

I never understood why so many people hated the Mothership Zeta DLC, putting evil space aliens into a post-apocalyptic setting seemed like a perfect fit.  The world has been destroyed by war and on top of that the aliens decide come at finish the job.  Yes, it's mostly combat focused but the feeling you get from exploring the futuristic space craft is well worth the time and money.  The interior of the ship follows Fallout 3's 1950s style of what may remember seeing in old sci-fi movies of the e...

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Double the Blades, Double the Fun! 0

 The first Assassin's Creed was an amazing experiance from start to finish.  Repetative gameplay aside the intriguing story really pulled you in.  AC2 has that same high quality story but with even better gameplay making it superior to it's predecesor in every way.  There's lots to do as you run around Renesance Italy killing dudes and ultimatly trying to restory your families lost honor. If you like stealth games and love EPIC mind-blowing storylines then you should buy this game!...

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Marvel Comic Geeks REJOICE!!! 0

If you love Marvel Comics and you play video games then chances are you played the first MUA and probebly even bought the hero/villian character pack(if you own the 360 version that is).  MUA 2 brings back almost everything that made the original so awsome and adds some new features that makes the co-op experience more enjoyable.   The story takes place during the Marvel Civil War but doesn't follow it exactly, there's a pretty crazy twist in the 3rd act which causes both the Pro and Anti-Regist...

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A solid rental 0

Story:  "Wanted: Weapons of Fate" takes place 5 hours after the movie "Wanted" according to the opening cutscene.  You play as both Wesley Gibson(the main character of the film) and as Wesley's father during flashbacks which fill in a little bit of the backstory.  If you enjoyed the story of the movie then you'll probebly find the game's equally compelling, inspite of the bad writting and average voice acting.  There's only two actors from the movie that return in the game which is disapointing ...

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Another Winner from Twisted Pixel! 0

So downloaded Splosion Man from XBLA because i was interested in the basic design concept which is simply one button which makes you explode.  That may sound boring at first but it's actually really fun and there's a lot of different mechanics that make it a really challenging platformer.There some mechanics which will prevent you from sploding aswell as obsticals where you'll have to use your wits and quick reflexes to get past.  One of my favorite thing in the game is the barrel sploding where...

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Great fun for die-hard Web-Heads! 0


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