Clarity and the search for more of it.

Hey guys. We're trying to fit in some time to lay down more effective wiki data editing guidelines and page styling techniques and since the "which games do you want to see on TNT?" discussion went so well (except for you lunatics who want Mount & Blade, of course), I figured I'd check in and ask you guys about what you'd like to see addressed.

The page styling stuff is less about telling you how to become a better writer and more about page formatting, like common section headings that could exist on just about any Game page, how far a plot summary should go, and which types of information (move lists) might not belong on a Character page.

The data stuff is more about how to relate things to other things properly and how to treat things like release dates and platform associations. Here's an example of that:

- An appearance in a compilation does not mean that a game was "released" on that platform.

EXAMPLE: Just because Mappy was released in a Namco Museum collection for the PlayStation does not mean that the game page for Mappy should be attached to the PlayStation platform. The Namco Museum page covers that relationship. Only platforms with a dedicated release of Mappy should appear on the Game page. A wiki section detailing its appearances in compilations is appropriate here, as well.

EXCEPTION: Though Game Room (360) may look like a similar situation, its nature as a free shell for purchased games excepts it from the above rule. The games in this compilation are purchased separately. If Game Room didn't have achievements of its own, which forces a game page to achievements relationship on our back-end, it would probably exist in our system as a subsection of the Xbox Live Marketplace platform, which, to be clear, is the platform that Game Room releases should be tagged with.

Topics like "how to properly edit release dates on Giant Bomb" and "why you shouldn't mess too much with the Accessory pages right now" will also be covered here. So, along those lines, what do you want to know? Which questions need to be answered?