Things I always have to go through when setting up a new PC

Or, if not a new PC, a fresh OS install. 

  • Take old PC, get it up on network with all drives shared and ready for remote desktop
  • Migrate giant inbox containing 13 years of e-mail. 
  • Install iTunes, move library across to new PC, taking care not to reset ratings yet again 
  • Install Steam, download a bunch of games I'll rarely play 
  • Remember where the "show file extentions, I'm not an idiot" toggle is. 
  • Oh, I guess I'll need to migrate all my iPad apps over, too. Fun. 
  • Start gargantuan task of setting up FL Studio and hell of VSTs. *****THIS IS THE WORST ONE AND IT WILL TAKE MONTHS TO DO PROPERLY
  • Copy over all this video I've been collecting. 
  • Reinstall WinRAR 
  • Consider buying WinRAR 
  • Probably don't buy WinRAR, deal with nag screens
  • Vow to myself that I'll keep my desktop in check this time 
  • Immediately dump my old desktop onto new desktop in folder marked "old desktop" 
  • Go inside "old desktop" to find folder from previous PC marked "old desktop" 
  • Go deeper 
  • Find folder marked "old machine desktop"
  • Find music I wrote in 2005, try to figure out where to put it 
  • Leave it in its current place 
  • Consider using old PC as a media server for the rest of the house 
  • Give up on that pipedream and serve it all from the new PC 
  • Forget like five key things that prevent me from doing what I actually need to do on a PC 
  • Erase only copies of files that I'm pretty sure that I have backed up somewhere else