UT3 on Steam

Steam tossed out a news post yesterday stating that you can register your retail Unreal Tournament 3 key with Steam and effectively integrate it into your Steam account. Just did that, totally redownloading UT3 now via Steam. It's cool when developers work to make all this stuff play together nicely, rather than separate the disc users and Steam users. Now I can get Steam acheviements in UT3... when they release the next patch, that is.

UT3 got a bum rap. It's a heck of a game, but shooters have kind of moved on from the sort of thing that the UT series offers. So I guess I agree that it feels a bit stale these days. Plus, it probably didn't change enough to automatically appeal to the ridiculously heavy mod scene that popped up around the previous game. I'm going to check and see if there are any decent maps and mods out there these days, as I haven't played it in a pretty long time.