Zombie Game Company Wants Brains (But is free to play!)

I was cooling out in a Best Buy the other day, waiting for a dude to go in the back and find me a copy of TNA iMPACT! when I was startled by a familiar logo.

Acclaim? Run!!!!
Acclaim? Run!!!!
I believe I even jumped a bit when I saw this $25 game time card for any of Acclaim's games sitting on a hook surrounded by other, similar cards. It's one thing to know that the Acclaim name has been resurrected into a new company, but it's another to actually see it out there in the real world.

I guess by me snapping that picture and writing this, I'm proviing that the decision to use the same logo as the old Acclaim made good business sense. But, in a way, isn't the new Acclaim just hitching its wagon to the awful games and bad times that people experienced with the old Acclaim, too?

If I buy this card, will I be able to play a new free-to-play MMO version of BMX XXX or something?