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Kratos' Revenge 0

God of War 3 starts off with a big bang.  The opening tutorial stage/boss is epic with a grand scale.  The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is as tight as ever, even if it hasn't really changed all that much.  However, as the game goes on, I found myself not having as much fun with the game as I have had with the previous God of War games.  Kratos has become an unlikeable character who seems to be killing just for the sake of killing.  That being said, I still enjoy the game and would recom...

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Top of the World...almost 0

Just Cause 2 is a fun game.  There's a ton of these to do, and a lot of space (and I mean a lot) to explore.  Now that that is out of the way, lets get a bit more specific.   Story The story is rather forgettable and if you are looking for a great story, look elsewhere.  You work for a company called the Agency, and you are coming to Panau to restore US influence in the area.  That's about it.  While the story isn't incredible strong, the Agency missions are some of the best in the game.  I don'...

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