Oh blogs, why do you never have use for me.

 Another month, another journal. As always we always like the continued support of Panthera, and the one way to help us is to vote on TopWebComic via HERE. We've sadly slipped off the top 100 after like a year on the top 100 (surprisingly I might add) so your votes count all the more now.

I'm also focusing more on making sure we keep to our mon-fri/fri schedule as we have unfortunately been slipping off the dates by a day or so for a little while now. Don't forget you also get to read our side comic "Blake" only when you vote done by our former colourist, Pixellated.

The chapter is nearing the end of its leg now as we go through the pages, and its been an interesting few pages art wise. And the one thing I've learned most of all is I hate trying to draw sand. I may be using the wrong type of brush, or i'm going about it the wrong way. Does it work tho? Let us know in the usual places.