I'm playing Unlimited SaGa for the kids!

Pictured: Myself playing Mr. Driller on Hard Mode
Pictured: Myself playing Mr. Driller on Hard Mode

tl;dr Visit my page and Donate to help us raise $10,000 for Pencils of Promise go go go


When you've rolled with this hobby for long enough, there's a very real chance that your pallet will start to shift. Games which once held a great appeal to you will start to feel passe. Entire genres that were written off as far outside of your interest or comfort zone will crop up on your radar, and might even eat you alive. To use myself as an example, my interest in massive RPGs of any sort has slowly given way to a blossoming and (to my partner) baffling interest in rally simulations and time trial racing. I've not developed an interest in actual cars necessarily, but the act of trimming off tenths of a second on a point to point race is now equally or more satisfying than taking down the final boss of disc three of *insert PS1 role playing game here*.

That's a positive example. There's also the chance that, in pursuit of ever greater games to play in your spare time, you will grow numb and find that the only way you can feel anything is to explore the outer reaches of the medium. In my case, this has led to a fascination with "bad games". Whether it's a singular fatal flaw, or a systemically broken whole, what makes a proper kusoge is a subject of interest to me at this point.

It is in this spirit that, beginning on 12 April at 2000 PST, I will join Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run IX! This year, I'll be taking the deepest possible dive into a truly infamous PS2 era role playing game: Unlimited Saga!


From the twisted mind of Akitoshi Kawazu, Unlimited Saga is the black sheep of the SaGa series. That is one of about three things I know about the game. Here's another one: the game is some sort of miserable JRPG-board game hybrid. That's two things! As a final fact, consider this: Brad Shoemaker rated Unlimited Saga as a 4.3 ("poor") on the GameSpot scale in 2003, which is actually a hair below the Metacritic average of 45. That makes it the lowest scoring Square RPG of the era, tying Shadow the Hedgehog's Metascore and actually coming in below The Guy Game (48). Which is to say, a game that committed an act of straight up sexual exploitation of a minor was better received in the West than Unlimited Saga.

Beyond that, I don't know what I'm in for this time. I have avoided reading guides, tips, anything. I am familiar with Kawazu's earlier work in general, and an currently playing Final Fantasy II for no reason in particular. All I know is that this will be a bad time.

But how much is up to you! For every $20 I raise in total, I'll be playing another hour of Unlimited Saga! The only "limit" here is how much you all are willing to help us raise $10,000 for Pencils of Promise this year! And what's more, I've even added some horrible bonus objectives for you!

Imagine this, but with more hurting.
Imagine this, but with more hurting.
  • **NEW** Every donation earns you the right, if you choose, to add an item to my Wheel of Horrors!
  • For every individual donation of $25 USD, I will inflict some additional sort of misery upon myself a la a Wheel of Horrors.
  • For every individual donation of $50 USD, I will double however much time left is on the clock and ensure that I will be awake and aware by consuming one 5 Hour Energy shot.*

I have never taken 5 Hour Energy, but then again I've never played Unlimited Saga either. How bad can it be?

Hope you'll join me for what should be, umm, something, on 12 April 2019 at 10pm PST on my humble Twitch channel.

CURRENT GAME TIME: 24 hours, two spin of the wheel, and 5 Hour Energy shots mid-stream on Friday and Saturday!


* Due to reasonably well documented medical advice against consuming multiple 5 Hour Energy shots, I am limiting this to two (2) times at most and they will be spaced out.