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NamCompendium: Atari 2600 Ports RANKED

Many of these ports were handled by General Computer Corporation for Atari Corporation, who had secured the license to publish and distribute these titles from Namco in 1981. Here's how all six of these Namco (and non-Namco?) games shake out according to the whims of one fickle man!

List items

  • A thoughtful adaptation of the arcade original. Manages to squeeze in most of the original's feature set, hampered only by a hard sprite limit and the lack of paddle controller support for something like analog steering. General Computer Corporation outdid themselves here.

  • Fair fucks to this port, which manages to get a very good conversion of a complicated game onto a system designed to play Pong well. I even like the visual treatment here!

  • The simplest game on the list, and the one best suited to the platform. Not as impressive as the Dig Dug conversion, but lives within its means.

  • Actually developed by the team responsible for Ms. Pac-Man's arcade release as well, this shares some design choices of 2600 Pac-Man but is a superior game for its adherence to the original maze layout, far better sound, and pulling off all four ghosts on screen.

  • [THIS IS NOT A REAL NAMCO GAME] Take Ms. Pac-Man for the 2600, and make the mazes entirely too big. Now add some more abrasive sound.

  • The sole work of Tod Frye, and basically his second game ever. Forced to use a cartridge with limited storage, barred from using a black background because Pac-Man doesn't take place in out space, and positioned as the biggest 2600 release of early 1982, this was almost doomed to failure. Abysmal, but impressive when you consider the constraints placed on the programmer.