NamCompendium: Atari 7800 Ports RANKED

General Computer Corporation not only built the Atari 7800, but they also developed all five ports of Namco titles for the system and launched them simultaneously with the console in a test market push in 1984. These were all then pulled and re-released two years later by a new, 50 percent smaller version of Atari after years of legal wrangling. It's a shame, because even the worst game on this list is alright.

List items

  • Honestly, this might be the best home conversion of Ms. Pac-Man. I think the Tengen-lineage ports avail themselves fairly well but all of them employ some sort of scrolling solution. GCC gets the mazes, close approximations of the sound, and the speed all correct. It is a simple game, but done exceptionally well here.

  • Certainly competitive with the great FC/NES port, but I have to give that one an edge just for the insane shelf life it had over the next quarter century. 7800 Xevious was the best shmup Atari fans in the 80s could buy.

  • Still recognizable Dig Dug, still fine. I guess my main gripe here is this showcases just how dire the 7800's native sound capabilities were.

  • This is virtually tied with Dig Dug above, but then you look back and realize just how good GCC's previous conversion of Pole Position for the 2600 was and realize just how disappointing this actually is. Then add that this was the pack-in for the 7800's relaunch to compete against Super Mario Bros. and you enter into proper tragedy.

  • Couple the 2600 sound hardware of the 7800, with bafflingly slow gameplay, and you've got yourself an underwhelming port. The SG-1000 port of Galaga trumps this cleanly.