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NamCompendium: Atari Lynx RANKED

A handful of intrepid folks were once tasked with converting these Namco coin-op titles to the Atari Lynx. While they may not measure up to like to Gates of Zendocon (really though what could?), they're both fine. It's just that I'd prefer one over the other.

List items

  • The mazes are a little modified and the sound is grating, but it also features the full mazes on screen at all times and manages to get the cutscenes in as well. Hard to go wrong here.

  • Slower and choppier than the arcade and PCE versions, while also inexplicably having basically all the arcade levels. Kill screens after level 99. I goddamn dare you to play 99 levels of this cut down port. Not abominable, but very mediocre.