NamCompendium: Loading Screen Games (By Order of Appearance)

Namco filed for a trademark on the technology that allowed them to put their classic arcade titles on the loading screens of other games in the United States in 1995, and they jealously clung to this concept through the end of 2015. Here is a list of games that appeared in those loading screens, in the order in which they appeared, as well as the games that contained them.

List items

  • Appeared in: Ridge Racer (4 December 1994)

    A single screen is playable during initial load. Shooting down all enemies unlock an additional eight vehicles for play.

  • Appeared in: Tekken (31 March 1995)

    The challenging mode levels are playable during initial load. Pressing triangle allows for a rapid fire mode not available in arcade versions of Galaga. Shooting down eight consecutive perfect challenging mode levels unlocks Devil Kazuya. If the player fails one level, they may press Select once for a second try.

  • Appeared in: Ridge Racer Revolution (4 December 1995)

  • Appeared in: Ridge Racers (12 December 2004)

  • Appeared in: Tekken 5 (24 February 2005)