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Gasp! It's not kusoge! 0

This game apparently developed a decent meme following over the years for being a real piece of shit. It sure does have a lot of demerits when you look at the back of the proverbial box. It's a PSN exclusive from the murky early years of the PlayStation 3. The art style is simple, even dull. It predates the advent of trophies on Sony platforms, so in this day and age you're playing for token glory on basically dead monthly leaderboards. And of course, there's the SIXASIS integration.Here's the ...

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The most loco part is how this was a promoted launch title. 1

Stars and garters, dear readers. The Xbox One's launch is already codified in the history of our hobby as a large, hubris-driven snafu. From Don Mattrick's tactless dismissal of always-online concerns, to months and months of "900p-gate" nonsense, right up to the rocky rollout of Halo MCC, it was a free for all of bullshit for what felt like an age. And yet, even if the launch had been perfect, LocoCycle would have been a remarkable black eye. Given its launch lineup position, Twisted Pixel's ve...

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"Each copy of Hang-On includes one free copy of this perfectly cromulent shmup!" 0

Astro Warrior, released in late 1986 as a standalone game, is shockingly slight. That's not necessarily a bad thing for a first party Sega shmup sitting in that .zip directory full of Master System games you "found" online, but the idea of paying a new game price for Astro Warrior is comical. So much so, in fact, that Sega cottoned to this truth internally; thus Astro Warrior is more likely to be found bundled with Hang-On, the platform's first game. Such was how I came across this game in the w...

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The best and only rail shooter on the Super Nintendo 0

Let's play a game. One of these screenshots is from HyperZone. The other is from Thunder Ceptor.Edit: After posting this, I was reminded that Star Fox exists on the Super Nintendo as well. I'm not going to change anything about this article to reflect that, as Star Fox is an interactive slide show on the SNES. Carry on. -JI may have sought to garner a reputation as a big Namco game guy, but here's my dirty secret: Space Harrier is my favorite video game of all time. It's the sort of breathless f...

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There's ample reason this is a staple of the "Bought this on my trip to Japan!!!" genre. 0

If you wish there had been another Elite Beat Agents game released stateside, I've got some great news.Sure, the title of this review is a little reductive, but I think it does capture the surface appeal of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan quite well. OTO is the first in a series of rhythm games which received a unique western entry, Elite Beat Agents, during the formative years of the Nintendo DS. It slots in neatly with other Japanese handheld games which have just enough of a language barrier to scare a...

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Unlimited Saga is barely a game. 3

There is a presumption of interactivity to this medium. Video games are to be played. This interaction calls back to our earliest stages of development where we began to explore the world around us, and certain actions would cause certain related outcomes. When we cry, our parents come. When we tie our shoes, they don't fall off of our feet. These crucial developmental steps help ground us to a reality with object permanence, consequence chains, and ultimately some sort of understanding of how o...

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If you simply must play Pushmo without owning a 3DS, this will suffice. 0

I'll keep this brief as I don't know how much needs to be said here. The Pushmo series revolves around using a little marshmallow sumo man to manipulate block puzzles with the goal of scaling them and reaching a sumo baby-shaped goal at the top. This series had its origins on the 3DS, where the system's gimmick actually added something to the experience by helping the player track the depth of blocks pulled out from puzzles by adding some perspective. The followup to Pushmo, Crashmo, added some ...

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A fine way to pass one (singular) hour. 0

Bless and keep our dear sweet GunCon family.It will likely come as a shock to younger members of this community that Nintendo tells lies. Case and point, when Wario was depicted to have invented the idea of ridiculous micro games whole cloth in the fantastic WarioWare, Inc.: Mega MicroGame$!, they were behaving in what could be generously be called a counterfactual manner. From whence did the idea of stringing together multiple tiny pieces of nonsense gameplay originate? I cannot say with certai...

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The best Star Fox game of the decade? 0

Pictured: A better game than every single Star Fox title.I've got something of a long view on Star Fox. To me, the series is Nintendo (and originally Argonaut Games) doing their absolute damndest to recreate some of the majesty of Space Harrier. Said game is literally perfect, an absolute zenith of the medium by which all other games must necessarily be measured. The Star Fox takes this mode of shooter and adds the requisite Nintendo touches of "make it easier and give it identifiable characters...

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An interesting but aged brawler. 0

Nekketsu Oyako is one of two games available on Japanese PSN that date all the way back to the Japanese launch of the PlayStation, the other being Crime Crackers. But whereas Crime Crackers is a difficult recommendation to non-Japanese speakers due its reliance on textual clues and menus, Nekketsu Oyako is as a simple a game as one could want. You walk right, and you pulverize everything.This is actually a TecnoSoft joint, the same TecnoSoft that put together the masterful Thunder Force series o...

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A logical followup to Sonic. 1

Let's CATCH is one of the most insane things I have experienced in this fine medium. It floored me. It shook me to my core.It is impossible to talk about Let's CATCH at this moment in time without mentioning that the game is intrinsically bound to a service (WiiWare) that is effectively dead, meaning you will be hard pressed to experience Let's CATCH without already owning it, in which case this review should only be telling you what you already know. Which is, Let's CATCH is certifiably out of ...

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It's a bad game. 2

Sonic Heroes features a handful of enjoyable pop punk tracks from stalwart Sega house band Crush 40, generally good use of color palettes, and provides (on paper) a range of de facto difficulty options and styles of play that could make it a viable game for people of different ages and levels of experience.So ends anything positive that may be said of Sonic Heroes.Here's a handy rule of thumb: if the crux of a game is navigating through spaces in real time (as opposed to menu-driven design) it ...

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You won't wax poetic over this one, folks. 0

Crayon Physics Deluxe is in the libraries of scores of fiscally irresponsible gamers, having been included in a Humble Indie Bundle before the Humble Bundle service had bloomed into a full fledged shop. It was specifically included in HIB 3, which included the tremendous VVVVVV. It also included the decidedly less tremendous And Yet It Moves, a port of a WiIWare game perhaps best left in hits home mode, and Hammerfight, a shambling mound of east European physics based, mouse driven combat that o...

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A victim of circumstance 0

The Wii's life cycle was filled with droughts of "serious" games, held up by tent pole Nintendo franchises and a fistful of genuine third party efforts. A major source of consternation to the content-starved fans of the Wii in North America were titles unreleased outside of Japan. Near the end of the console's life, a fan movement dubbed Project Rainfall lobbied for an already English-localized trio of games to be released in North America. Among them was The Last Story.Mistwalker's most recent ...

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Metroid: Zero Mission - A Twice Told Tale 0

Metroid: Zero Mission is a nice package deal for anybody interested in GBA collecting. It includes both the original Metroid (presumably identical to the prior release in the Classics series) and the modernized retelling of same. Controls and graphics have been updated to match the likes of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, but unlike the latter game, the developers included a number of "sequence breaks" which had prior been a staple of the franchise's most devoted fans.The plot is fairly spart...

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A solid, if short, platforming adventure game 0

I think the Quick Look might have contained some unrepresentative language about this game being some sort of open sandbox. I found it to be more like Psychonauts than anything else, though without a plot to propel you forward. The game is is a fairly linear one, but it keeps you engaged by forcing you to learn how best to use a set of tools to manipulate an environment into allowing you forward. There are a few item hunt-y sidequests and minigames (in the form of arcade cabinets hidden through...

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Super Meat Boy for Linux: Masocore for the Masses 0

I’ve yet to see Indie Game: The Movie. This is probably a sad state of affairs, and puts me at something of an informational disadvantage to people who are passionate about Team Meat’s debut title Super Meat Boy. Games are not developed in a vacuum; I feel that the context surrounding a game’s development is usually worth consideration, and while I can speak a little bit about the history of this particular title, this is by no means a retrospective.Having said all of that, I honestly feel that ...

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FTL for Linux: Rogues in Space! 1

This review, like the ones to follow, will focus both upon the game itself and its Linux implementation. The reviewer dual-boots into Windows 7 and is thereby better equipped to cross-reference performance issues and the like.If FTL is any indication of the sort of quality we can expect from the games the Internet has collectively Kickstarted this year, Linux users should be prepared to lose hundreds of work hours to gaming in the coming months. Though the zeitgeist surrounding it has cooled som...

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