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I am currently a Schedule & Operations Executive for the UK’s premier Pay-TV operator, British Sky Broadcasting. I’m also a Graduate, semi-professional video producer, (Currently amateur) comedian and aspiring Late Night Talk Show host. I studied Television & Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth and Graduated in July 2013 with First Class Honours. In terms of video games, I play a broad array but my favourite games tend to be racing games (My favourite games franchise of all is Mario Kart, and I also enjoy many of the Need for Speed games and their ilk, in addition to the obligatory F1 games) and fast paced shooters like Unreal Tournament and Halo, or inventive quirky games with freedom elements like Borderlands and Freelancer. I also love a good platformer, and firmly believe the Mario franchise and the original Crash Bandicoot Trilogy (I have them downloaded on my PS3, they totally hold up!) are the high benchmark for the genre.