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I had the Halo 3 edition Xbox 360. Spartan green with bronze details instead of chrome silver. There was also a bunch of “UNSC Graphics” all over it. Only problem was you couldn’t upgrade the hard drive without losing some of the bronze detailing, so I wound up stuck with the 20GB drive till the bitter end. Liked it a lot though, so much so that I bought the more expensive version of ODST that came with a variant controller that better matched it - it shipped with one that was colour matched, but lacked the UNSC markings & the ODST one added those on.

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First thing I did was check that the Killzone 2 Quick Look was there. It is. All is right with the world.

Can’t believe it’s been a decade. I still vividly remember the launch night. A bunch of us were camped out in the old channel’s chat room waiting for the site to go live and talking about Batman (Cos, you know, The Dark Knight was around then). That was a goofy ass night. I’m in the U.K. so it was like an all-nighter for me. Then the place got slammed so hard that they had to set up that old Crowd Image Moderation tool not long after. Heady freaking days.

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I’m so into this game, Horizon 3 has used up more than 90% of my Xbox One S time since I got it last year so I’m really excited about the improvements. Really excited about the U.K. setting, it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing environmental details that are more familiar to me. Liking the change to multiplayer open world too, that’s going to make things feel a lot more vibrant. Just want to hear more about the soundtrack now - though really all I need to know is that there’s tracks from the new CHVRCHES album Love Is Dead on Horizon Pulse. Horizon Pulse without CHVRCHES would, at this stage, essentially be a crime.

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I have an Xbox One now, my GamerTag has been updated to my modern handle (TVPaulD). I’ve got Forza Horizon 3 and like all the Halo. I’m in the UK so GMT/BST/CET time zones are all good for me

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I think the price on the One X is fine, for what you're getting. That said, it does push it out of my price range for the time being - I'm just about to get the 4K TV and a PS4 Pro, and there's only enough left in my budget for a One S, so I'll have to look at moving to the X at some point down the road instead. At least the One S will still offer some 4K functionality for my new TV in the form of 4K Blu-Rays (which I still can't believe Sony omitted from PS4 Pro).

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Half-Life isn't nearly long enough for an Endurance Run, and it's also neither tedious or difficult enough. They could knock out that whole game in three or four play dates even if they stopped to goof around a bunch. I'm not sure there's much point though, it's not exactly or obscure or inaccessible & there isn't much to riff on.

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At no point did I ever find myself trusting Sylens, even when I was glad for his help. That scene at the end felt like vindication of that attitude. I still don't know what exactly that dude's endgame is, but I'm fairly certain it's bad freaking news.

More generally, I love the game. I really like Aloy as a character and I found the world and the backstory genuinely compelling. The gradual revelation of the mystery did manage to keep me guessing most of the way through even if there were a few bits which were fairly obvious earlier on (like Aloy being essentially a clone).

I liked a lot of the stuff in the environmental storytelling too, and there were tiny stories told in some of that which elicited strong responses from me (at one point I recall an audio log essentially having a character gleefully rejoice in the ability to play god and finding it genuinely unpleasant to hear).

As for the way that stuff was presented on the other hand...Not a huge fan. I don't really like audio logs and in-game compendia of text snippets at the best of times because it feels little less disruptive than having to look things up on a Wiki but the audio logs here especially stand out since they have the same flaw as those MGSV cassette tapes in that the game presents the option of listening to them while you play...Then ignores the fact you are so you miss out on audio cues and narrative dialogue. Not enough to detract from the game much, but a frustrating niggle, for sure.

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I love the hardware. It's exactly the system I want. But I won't be buying one unless it's significantly cheaper and has more games - and a greater variety of them. It's got a very shallow lineup announced, and if you're not into super-Japanese games (which I'm not) it's even worse.

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They're blowing this so badly. I love the idea of a gaming oriented tablet with a TV dock, and Nintendo make some of my favourite games. And yet I'm sitting here going ", thank you."

That price, the anemic lineup of games - oh sure, Breath of the Wild looks beyond incredible. But it's a Wii U game. I HAVE a Wii U. I don't need a Switch to play it. Would the higher resolution display be nice? Sure, but my GamePad works fine.

And then there's all the periphery nonsense like their continued fuzzy & nigh incomprehensible online strategy, which they now want to charge for.

This thing is launching completely unfinished. They're not ready, it's not finished. They're blowing this so badly.

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