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Anodyne 2: The Search for Purpose 0

I made a conscious effort to avoid spoilers in this review, but I think you should experience as much as possible for yourself. If anything you have seen interests you, I fully recommend you play the game.Video games, like all forms of media, are a language. Their words are written with extra lives and spinning coins and red barrels. One's preferred genres become dialects in conversation with other enthusiasts. The people who identify as "Gamers" are fluent in a tongue all our own.And like the ...

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Pikuniku: Kick Back and Relax 0

January is now becoming a month where increasingly “big” games come out. This year, those big games were not so much my thing. Good news is, there are always plenty of “little” games ready for your attention. So it happened that the first 2019 game I played was Pikuniku, an off-the-wall adventure game that left me smiling the whole time.This might have been the quickest turnaround from me hearing about a game to finishing it. In one day, I watched the Quick Look of Pikuni...

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Super Mario Odyssey: The Plumber Jumped Over the Moon 0

This review was originally published in my blog on July 15, 2018.I used my time away to get every last stinking moon in Super Mario Odyssey. This was one of the "big two" for the Switch last year along with Breath of the Wild, and the only one exclusive to it. Despite this being the first time I've owned the game, it's far from the first time I've experienced it. For starters, Mario Odyssey enjoyed monolithic popularity in the speedrunning community for months. Over that time I've seen dozens o...

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Yoku's Island Express: A Better Troid-like 0

This review was originally published in my blog on July 19, 2018.I never really cared for the Metroid genre. It's not like I didn't try; I went through Super and Zero Mission, I tried Prime, I played a number of indie games in that style... but it never really clicked. There were too many issues and annoyances that I assumed were just inherent to the genre. Plus, I kind of hate the term "Metroidvania." For one, the real Castlevania games don't play like that. For another, it's such a long word...

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Mega Man 11: The New Bomber 0

This review can also be found in my blog. Mega Man has to gear up to take on these bosses.Man is BACK! (again). Everyone's favorite blue robot had a hibernation period, then there were some games imitating the classic NES style, then there was another stretch of time where nothing happened, a sad, sad game called Mighty No. 9, and finally here we are.When playing Mega Man 11's demo, I thought this game might not be so different from Mighty No. 9 as people would like. The change to a 3D modeled ...

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Donut County: A Little Hole Goes a Long Way 0

Playing Donut County is just like eating a donut: It's sweet, cathartic, and when you finish you wish you had more.For those uninitiated, in Donut County you play as a hole in the ground with the goal of swallowing everything in sight. As you gobble more items, the size of your hole increases, to the point where you can swallow entire buildings, mountains, and unsuspecting local folk. It's a cute concept, one apparently inspired by Peter Molyneux and that some have called a twist on Katamari Dam...

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Yoshi's Island: The Beaten Path 0

Yoshi's Island was an influential game to the greater Mario world. It refined Yoshi's design and abilities from that... creature in Super Mario World. It brought those lovable Shy Guys to the front lines. Most importantly, it heavily emphasized exploration to a degree not seen in the typical platformer of the day. That exploration, unfortunately, is a double-edged sword.I really did not intend to use this image but here we are and we all have regrets.First, the basics - Despite its age, the gam...

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Tearaway Unfolded Review: Charm Only Gets You So Far 0

On paper, Tearaway Unfolded seems like - oh god is that how I'm starting this? No, I'm not - just no.I always love when games focus on being creative. Anyone could make another boring old shooter, but making something stand out takes talent. When done well, this approach can show just how clever developers and even players can be. I think some creativity-focused games are among the best for showing what this medium can do and what makes it unique.That's why Tearaway stuck out in my mind when I ...

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Sonic Mania Review 0

Boring segment about the wacky history of Sonic the, SEGA has handed the reigns to the fans, and I've gotta say, this might be the most fun game I've played all year.The silky-smooth animation on the title screen is one of the first indications of the developers' passion and skill.When Sonic 4 came out, everyone hated it because it looked awful and played nothing like the classic games it was trying to follow up (and I use "trying" liberally). Sonic Mania does a 180 in the most b...

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Star Fox Zero review I did a year ago. Thought I would put it on here for fun 0

Since Star Fox 64 released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997, many fans have been disappointed with the subsequent offerings the franchise has presented. Multiple new playstyles like on-foot missions and strategy elements have caused the series to drift from its on-rails space shooter roots that hold up to this day. Star Fox Zero, the latest entry, is a reboot of the franchise that claims to reset the story and gameplay to the standard of 19 years ago. At the same time, though, it introduces yet more i...

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