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@efesell: Yeah, It really is top tier. Armstrong alone is reason enough for Dan to watch it, and there is allot of "serious" discussions aline with youtube reaction speculation shows to be had with its plot. It would become a different thing entirely, but I honestly wouldn't mind it.

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Oh god, Idk why but that just popped into my head as the perfect choice. The horny, the silly, the badassness mixed with absolute patheticness (yes, words) of Onizuka-sensei would be fun. I think? Allot of over the top high-jinx and "cool"-guy moments for Dan to enjoy.

Might just be too riskee in 2018 though, I am sure it has ages horribly:P

Other then that: FMA:B for just quality story-telling and great characters like the obvious Dan/Jeff instant favorite Armstrong(!), but other then that I really don't see what ells the guys can do. They will have to set a plan for what they actually want to achieve with the series going forwards. If it is about exposing them self to great shows, then there are some easy contenders, but it comes down to entertaining podcasts rather then just general reaction idk. Again, FMA:B does have a super broad reach with it's story, epic moments, serious drama and humor both in characters and gags...

Or just do DB:S

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@zombiepie: Oh c'mon! Despite the circlejerk of rage the internets had at DmC it wasn't that bad. DMC2 on the other hand...go for it.

DmC was a great game, haters gonna hate.

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Oh Eraserhead<3

While it is wierd and creepy and surreal and fantastic, I wouldn't call it horror. Mind-fuck, perhaps.

@patrickklepek: On your own time, you should check out Lynchs "Grandmother" short film. It is one of his first, bridging the gap between his art-sound multimedia instalations and his movies.

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If I have to pay a fee to play a used game I have bought from a store or anyone, then maybe xbox one isn't for me. Who are they to tell me I can't even give my game to a friend and let them play it? So if it going to be true, if I was to lend my mate a game he would have to pay to play it on his system. That would be madness.

Steam doesn't allow me to lend my games or even buy second hand games. I hear nothing but praise for Valve and Steam.

There is no expectation to be able to do that with digital games. However when you buy a boxed copy those expectations change.

No there is absolutely no expectation of that. When I bought a boxed copy of World of Warcraft I couldn't give it to my friend to play. I couldn't let him borrow my boxed copy of Half-Life, or Half-Life 2, or Portal.

As much as I love steam for my pc, Being able to lend my friends my consoll games, and borrow theirs is a GIVEN. Money saver, good way to experience other games, sosial (couch-multiplayer(at mine or friends house without having to bring my consoll)> online).

I also enjoy having the discs on my shelf. CONSOLL discs, not PC (Which has allways been install->crack->forget where the box even is anymore)

The reason for this is obviouslly that they don't want peiople to play their games for free, which is fair enough, but jeez..