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@efesell: Yeah, It really is top tier. Armstrong alone is reason enough for Dan to watch it, and there is allot of "serious" discussions aline with youtube reaction speculation shows to be had with its plot. It would become a different thing entirely, but I honestly wouldn't mind it.

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Oh god, Idk why but that just popped into my head as the perfect choice. The horny, the silly, the badassness mixed with absolute patheticness (yes, words) of Onizuka-sensei would be fun. I think? Allot of over the top high-jinx and "cool"-guy moments for Dan to enjoy.

Might just be too riskee in 2018 though, I am sure it has ages horribly:P

Other then that: FMA:B for just quality story-telling and great characters like the obvious Dan/Jeff instant favorite Armstrong(!), but other then that I really don't see what ells the guys can do. They will have to set a plan for what they actually want to achieve with the series going forwards. If it is about exposing them self to great shows, then there are some easy contenders, but it comes down to entertaining podcasts rather then just general reaction idk. Again, FMA:B does have a super broad reach with it's story, epic moments, serious drama and humor both in characters and gags...

Or just do DB:S

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    Allready watched way too much gameplay, and don't get my paycheck untill monday.....

    This is killing me....

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    @dochaus said:

    @zombiepie: Oh c'mon! Despite the circlejerk of rage the internets had at DmC it wasn't that bad. DMC2 on the other hand...go for it.

    DmC was a great game, haters gonna hate.

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      The hype is real....

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          Dans face 5 sec after seeing the Raiden dude:P

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            On a lighter note, I remember sitting there in the cutscene for The End with 3 bolts in my face and one on my dick.

            (If you don't take them out but only disinfect the wounds ect during The Fear fight the bolts stay in:P)

            Also, please use the Tranq, it's what you started with, it's what you want, follow your heart Drew... Follow your heart.

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              Oh drew, you guys discuss the fact you might miss out on stuff and then leave the big lake area and just plow on. Same with the next area. The exploration trigger in my aches watching crevases of the map untouched:P Look at the map to know your layought before continue in an area every time, just to make things easier.

              @drewbert Maybe make a check-list like you do when playing simulators. Map, Camo-count, check in on animals/hunt new, explore...

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                @xeirus said:

                @raptram said:

                @xeirus: The problem is that someone plays like Dan in every D&D group, and a lot of people here are recognizing the worst parts of the worst party members in Dan's behavior.

                He's using knowledge his character doesn't have to make decisions for his character. That kind of thing ruins games.

                and? It's supposed to be dumb fun. This isn't some official D&D league. I didn't see people bitch when Vinny was climbing walls, throwing arms, and generally just doing the stupidest shit, in the name of fun.

                People will complain about anything, even a board game, it's embarrassing and pathetic.

                While I think the people going all "team B" and getting angry at Dan are over-exadurating the gravity of the argument, and except from one little moment I didn't see Dan as actually angry, (he tried to hide his snarky smile troughout the ordeal), I wholeheartedly agree how important the point of adressing "meta-gaming" is. I have experienced this in my previous campaign and it at one point completely ruined a week worth of character preparation I did. It creates nedless quarrels, it ruins the experience, and it takes the "role-playing" out of the RPG.

                (short story: I was following the group, as basically a spy, and the players were adament that they should at every single turn look for me (with perception inhancing spells ect), when there would be no reason for it. they also straight up used sign of truth(?) after threathening me with death, forcing me to give up all of my information buildt to create purpose and future potential intrigue in the group. They had previouslly been completely open to new npc characters and other players, but because they KNEW I was a spy archytype they went straight for this approach.)

                Your examples of Vinnys hilarious quirky role-playing has nothing to do with what they are talking about. It was fun, and well within the rules and dare i say "ethics" of roleplaying. <As long as you are not activly ruining the experience for the other players or needlessly strearing scenarios towards failure, being silly is not a problem.

                (Again, in the last campaign we had a bard who kept being a dick to the rest of the group, not thinking of consequenses and needlessly breaking stuff, stealing items in dungoens, from our safe, putting the whole group in danger time and time again. At this point, it is up to the group if this should be accepted and, to my personal dismay, the players just found her funny, where as I thought it made no sense that we kept the character in the party...She didn't play her alignment, and her desitions went against the parties ideals and shared judgement. (she basically started a 1.5 year war that caused the death of 2 nations and the murder of 100s of thousands of people. Our DM has some favoritizing issues with the players, so she stayed to the end:P)

                I would also argue that these characters are rookies, and because they never built a propper backstory and reason for being together, they were basically just mercenaries at the start of a greater adventure, so they don't HAVE to like each other yet. (or at all, but then you gotta start questioning their willingness to travel together.)

                I hope they all read up on the individuall classes and combat rules and quirks before the next session. getting over that aspect frees them up to just ROLEPLAY and the combat becomes quicker and more exciting when they inevetably enter one. It's a steep learning-curve with a full novice group, but they can't just rely on Rorie to basically PLAY the battles for them. As I said before though, Rorie shouldn't let the rule bogg him down so much when he eventually learns them better. Both because it hampers the exitement and feeling of freedom DnD is built for, and also because (in my limited understanding of 5th edition) the focus is on the DM to be just that, free to be more experimental.

                edit: At the end of the day, I just want the duders to enjoy the game and be comfortable with it so they can play around and be the entertainers they are at the same time. Rules needs to be atleast understood at the basic level and then they can just learn by doing and have fun.