Characters who should NOT return for an Injustice 3

Yes, you read correctly. The point of this wish list rather than wanting characters is instead going to be focused on fighters who should not make the return for a hypothetical third installment in Warner Bros.' and Netherrealm Studios' Injustice series. The DC universe has such a huge amount of superheroes, villains, and characters of moral shades of gray that they should also have a chance to shine, thus I believe that some combatants who on rosters of either game should sit out an Injustice 3. To be clear, I'm not saying the characters featured on this list are neither bad characters nor that I dislike them,

As with prior videos this is in ascending order, so start at bottom for progression.

List items

  • As much as the Clown Prince of Crime has a right to being considered a prominent part of the DC universe (the Batman centric portion especially), but considering that he has been not just only in both Injustice games, but also as a DLC in Mortal Kombat 11 (also unique as the first repeat non-MK character due to having previously been in MKvsDCU), plenty of people are of the opinion that he is arguably a bit overexposed.

    Alternatives for this character/archetype: Trickster (Flash enemy)

  • Hal Jordan more specifically. I would like to see another Green Lantern take his place for Injustice 3, such as John Stewart (and not as a premier skin for Jordan), Kyle Rayner, or Jessica Cruz to name a few other GL corps members. When considering that his arcade ending has him going undercover on a mission to track down Sinestro, this would be a very handy justification for letting another GL member become playable.

    Alternatives: John Stewart (from another parallel universe where is still alive if necessary), Kyle Rayner, or Jessica Cruz.

  • Whereas Solomon Grundy and Atrocitus draw some ire more for story reasons, Floyd Lawton by contrast is for more gameplay gripes. Safe to say I'm not just speaking for myself when complaining that his constant keep away game is pain to have to deal with when fighting against him. Granted while Darkseid is an even bigger pain, but he would at least have some story-line related justifications (especially if he were to be the Big Bad of Injustice 3). Replacing him with a similar style character, one who is less reliant on projectiles, would certainly be one improvement for Injustice 3.

    Alternatives: Bloodsport and/or Deathstroke

  • Atrocitus appeared for one fight against Hal Jordan in the latter's chapter of story mode... and contributed nothing else (with the only a minor intervention in Superman's chapter "Absolute Power" if someone chose that route).

    While I would have nothing against this Red Lantern returning in Injustice 3, but there are also other Green Lantern related characters I'd want to be in this installment such as Star Sapphire and/or Nekron.

  • When it came to the hulking (pun intended given that Fred Tatasciore voiced SG in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Marvel's Hulk in many works) giant characters that were in the first Injustice game, Bane and Doomsday were likely the first of those set of three that players would be curious to play and check out. The fact that this undead bruiser is rarely ever a major player in the comics nor in many adaptations (Though the episodes "The Terror Beyond" of the Justice League TV show (2001-2006) are a possible exception) arguably presents an understandable reason to have a more prominent character as such an archetype.

    To be clear, I'm in no way opposed to him returning in an Injustice 3, but I'd rather him not just be a jobber who contributes very little to the story, especially if Injustice 3's story manages to build up to being an even more epic adventure as Injustice 2 foreshadows in its last two chapters of story mode.