Countries that should have more representation in Fighting Games

The rosters of fighting games frequently feature colorful casts of characters hailing from all parts of the world and sometimes beyond (e.g. Mortal Kombat). However, there are certain countries that get represented more frequently that others such as Japan, U.S.A., China, France, U.K., Thailand, and etc. In this list I decided to list countries I wish could get some more representation in fighting games.

Just so everyone knows, this list will be strictly in alphabetical order so that there is none of this complaining about which is more deserving and what not. Also for the sake of those wondering what I mean by "officially published" games, it is basically anything that isn't MUGEN (because if that was allowed per this list, it would bring a whole floodgate of OCs by random private individuals).

List items

  • Brazil is certainly a significant country, but it certainly isn't the only nation in South America. So far, only two characters from published fighting games I've found via, those being Crusher Ramirez from Kakuto Chojin and Hashi from The Black Heart.

  • Whenever a German speaking country is featured, it is almost always Germany. By contrast neighboring Austria is almost never represented. shows that there are at least five known Austrian characters so far (

  • A South American country that I'm fairly surprised doesn't have much representation in fighting games. So far only one from a published game, that being Zarina from the King of Fighters series, can be found (and even then her profile notes that she primarily resides in Brazil).

  • Interesting to note that as of the latest statistics (July 2018) via the CIA World Factbook shows this nation as having a population of 263 million, and thus the fourth most populous country in the world behind China, India, and the U.S. So far only two characters in entirety can be found (those being Gore from Capcom's Star Gladiator series and Jivatma from SNK's The King of Fighters series). Given the growing population of this nation, I'd imagine at least some more Indonesia hailing characters are going to start showing up in prominent series such as Street Fighter, Tekken, and etc.

  • To be clear, I absolutely DO NOT condone the regime that has existed in Iran since 1979. However, why is that Saudi Arabia, of which is a similarly oppressive theocratic regime that has people executed for witchcraft and apostasy (leaving a religion, which in this case is Sunni Islam) gets to have characters who hail from that country without the same baggage? Yeah it totally has nothing to do with Saudi Oil I type sarcastically.

    The only characters from Iran or any predecessor state (e.g. Persia) are Avenger and True Assassin (both from Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper) and Astaroth from the Soulcalibur series.

  • While Saudi Arabia and Egypt get lots of representation and even occasionally some other countries (e.g. Rashid of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but it would be nice if Israel could be represented. Yes I'm fully aware that some companies are hesitant to include Israeli characters due to political controversies that could be set off. So far, the only Israeli hailing character in any officially published fighting game is Mercabe from Hiryu no Ken Retsuden GB.

  • While neighboring Australia has plenty of characters representing, it would be nice if New Zealand had a few of its own in some games. Only two kiwis (nickname for New Zealanders for those who don't know) can be found, those being Harold (from THQ's Vs.) and Simpson from Best of the Best.

  • While Thailand is frequently represented among Southeastern Asian countries (especially as being the birth place of the martial art of Muay Thai), however this country also has a few unique sets of martial arts, especially Eskrima, that would offer something interesting to the mix as well. So far, Josie Rizal from the Tekken series is the only Filipino in an officially published game (and even the reception to her is, especially among real-world Filipinos, is divisive/mixed to put it mildly). Arguably Talim from the Soulcalibur series would also count as Filipino, but it should be noted that it was a Spanish colony at the point of history she lives in.

  • For a country that constantly gets made the butt of many jokes ("Oh, a poor quality such and such from Europe? Must be from Poland"), it would be nice if there could be a few Poles to demonstrate the hard-working character of this nation that is worth admiration. So far there are only three fighters hailing from this central European country (Arkane from Street Fighter: The Movie, Selene from Fighters' Impact, and Lynette from the Soulcalibur series) and Lilica from the Arcana Heart series counts as a dual national of Poland and Japan (thus could count as a fourth). And I suppose Geralt of Rivia could count as an honorary Pole? ^_^

  • A few characters hail from Switzerland (here for those interested The most prominent on that list would be Kliff Undersn and Testament (both from the Guilty Gear series). Worth noting that while Switzerland is notoriously neutral in matters of war and political disputes, they do compete in international sports by the way.

  • Turkey is unique as both a Middle-Eastern country (at least per my definition) and European, yet it has very little representation.

    The only notable Turkish character in any fighting games is Hakan from the Street Fighter series, though one could also count the Greek descended Alexander/Alexandra (Sophitia, Cassandra, Patroklos, Pyrrha) of which Greece was ruled by the Ottoman Empire at that time.

  • While Russia is understandable as being the most prominent that comes to mind when thinking of Eastern Europe, but I would think that at least Ukraine would be prominent enough to warrant some representation. Only one Ukrainian guy, Joe from an obscure South Korean made game called "Jang Pung 3", can be found.