Hypothetical Tekken X Street Fighter Roster

Though the Capcom produced Street Fighter X Tekken, released back in 2012, was plagued with numerous controversies, particularly regarding the implementation of the Gem system and especially DLC practices, the Tekken series chief developer Katsuhiro Harada has still pledged that Bandai Namco's take on this crossover, Tekken X Street Fighter (TXSF for the sake of brevity from this point on), will eventually be released sometime in the future. Though some prominent voices in the videogaming community have started to express their doubts that TXSF will ever see the light of day (or at least not anytime in the foreseeable future), but for the sake of having some fun over a hypothetical title I'll make this list anyway (and besides, with all the newer characters introduced in latter updates and installments of the respective series, it would be interesting to see how those newer fighters are implemented into TXSF).

Due to Jin Kazama and Ryu, as well as their respective alternate personalities Devil Jin and Evil Ryu, being among the only confirmed characters for this hypothetical title, I'll not be including them below.

Tekken characters will be listed first (In alphabetical order; worth noting that in the case of Chinese and Korean names, the surname comes first and given name second) while the second half will be Street Fighter characters. Also worth noting SFXT had Fifty-five characters total (including DLC and guests), so expect an equivalent number of fighters here.

Also designated tag partners, in the event that BN decides to go with that, will be included in each character description.

List items