Mortal Kombat Characters from Old Timeline who should return (Most Wanted to Least)

The Mortal Kombat series has a large roster of playable characters throughout its various installments, but so far only those who were introduced in the first three games have consistently returned in the new timeline start in MK9. Though the characters from the 3D era (MK4 through MK: Armaggedon, and I supposed MK vs DCU could also count based on some retcons brought by MK11) have not been as fondly looked upon, and in some cases are outright despised, but I believe some of the fighters should have an opportunity to return (though with some revamping in some cases). The fighters I most want to return will be a top lesser wanted ones in the descending order.

For the sake of letting everyone know who has already made playable returns so far, there are these combat- err, excuse me Kombatants (got to keep the korrect Kombat spelling ^_^):

MK1: Everyone who debuted in this game

MKII: Everyone who debuted in this game

MK3: Cyrax, Sektor, Sheeva, Sindel, Kabal, Nightwolf, Kurtis Stryker, Ermac, Rain

MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Fujin

MK4: Tanya

MK Deadly Alliance: Bo' Rai Cho, Frost, Kenshi

List items

  • So far, the Dragon hasn't been playable since Armageddon, and only had cameos in MK9 and MK11. With the revelation of the existence of titans in the MK-verse (such as Kronika), I think it would make for an awesome retcon if Onaga was established as being a half-titan hybrid (hence offering some explanation as to how even gods such as Raiden couldn't hurt him back in MK: Deception). Perhaps as a result of one the two victors of MK 11: Aftermath's final battle (which will be left unmentioned for the benefit of those not wanting to be spoiled), a certain someone in the process of reorganizing the timeline unwittingly makes it so that he is now alive and thus becoming the main antagonist of MK 12.

    Kustomizable gear for him (assuming later titles use MK 11-style gear system) would be: his helmet, armor and clothing around waist, and necklace.

  • Li Mei is nice standout in comparison with the rest of Outworld's inhabitants. Rather than being a villainous minion of Shao Kahn taking part in his conquests and atrocities, she is an average person who has no part in those schemes and is motivated with protecting her village. While Li Mei didn't achieve the same popularity as neither Kenshi Takahashi nor Frost (granted the latter is somewhat of a divisive character), in comparison with other the other Deadly Alliance newcomers, she is at the least fairly well liked across the fandom. The fact that she got to return as an NPC in Mortal Kombat X attests to this.

    Thus it would be nice to see how she takes part in the chaos in Outworld in MK 11 (or a later game if need be). So far there are some rumors regarding possible future 2021 updates that suggest that she could be part of this, either as a DLC character or at the very least featured in another Story expansion.

    Kustomizable gear: her Kunlun Dao sword, helmet and other headpieces, and sandals/shoes.

  • Sareena has an interesting backstory as a former member of the Brotherhood of the Shadow and now seeks to change her ways after Bi-Han showed her some surprise mercy back in MK: Mythologies Sub-Zero.

    So far she has some sparse playable appearances in the series, in the Tournament Edition port of MK: Deadly Alliance and MK: Armageddon. So far her only appearance since Armageddon has been in cameos in MKX and MK11 (in Kabal's ending in the latter case).

    Of late are some unsubstantiated rumors regarding potential DLC updates for MK 11, of which include claims that she'll be a DLC character. If true, it would certainly be nice to see how her character arc will advance in such a story expansion.

    Kustomizable Gear: Demon Fang sword, skirt/lower body clothing, wrist bands.

  • This female Saurian has probably had the worst of it in terms of playable appearance being limited to Nintendo console versions of MK: Trilogy and MK: Armageddon. When considering that she has an interesting backstory as a female Saurian who seeks to find a way to restore the dwindling race, including meeting and mating with Reptile, in contrast to the bland Chameleon (who will be discussed in his entry lower on down), it is very much a shame that she hasn't been utilized more in the series. It might be a bit odd if she managed to be DLC in MK 11 while Reptile doesn't, but it might also make for some interesting story developments if she such a situation were to happen.

    Kustomizable Gear: mask, wrist bands, falchion

  • The second highest ranked character who debuted in MK: Deception, aside from Onaga, on this list and the most notable denizen of Chaosrealm. He's not higher on my list largely because there are a few characters who I think should have an opportunity to be reintroduced before him.

    With that said, there have been some rumors suggesting he will be a DLC character for a potential third Kombat Pack in the making for MK 11. This based on the fact that Konsumable item related to him was removed in a recent patch for the game, of which something similar happened with a Sheeva related Konsumable prior to her introduction in the Aftermath Edition DLC pack.

    Kustomizable Gear: morning star mace, headdress, chest harness

  • This Wu Shi Academy member, who has only been playable so far been in MK 4 and MK: Armageddon, is someone who had so much potential with his introduction, only to be largely forgotten by the developers. When considering how he differs from the playstyle of fellow White Lotus warriors Liu Kang and Kung Lao, such as with his vertical fire balls and various handstands, it would be nice to see that in the newer MK titles. Perhaps they could also let him wield the giant blade some concept art for him for Deadly Alliance (of which he failed to make the cut) he was shown holding as another secondary weapon for one of his variations.

    However, I also recognize that he will also need some revamping to his personality (which is unfortunately fairly lacking due to not being adequately fleshed out). One obvious element that Armageddon established is his desire for enlightenment, thus that would be a start, particularly what circumstances (a past criminal history such as what Nightwolf is retconed to have had? Some grave past sin that haunts him? and/or the tragic loss of a loved one he had difficulty moving past?) that lead him to doing so.

    Kustomizable gear: clubs, head bands, wrist bands.

  • Nitara has managed to gain and attain a following, so much to the point that she is going to be making an appearance in the upcoming (as of this writing) Mortal Kombat movie.

    It will also be interesting to see how she interacts with the hemomancer ninja Skarlet and also how her blood magic that she has been mentioned as having in some supplemental material would be implemented in her moveset.

    Kustomizable Gear: Kama sickles, headband, orb

  • Though Blaze is a somewhat polarizing character (though at the very least everyone can agree he was a way better secret character in Deadly Alliance than fellow unlockable character Mokap), though I personally find him cool, well actually he's blazing hot, but you get the idea (^_^).

    As of this writing he has had only three playable appearances (Deadly Alliance, Unchained, and Armageddon) and currently is featured in a background cameo in Mortal Kombat 11's Krypt in which he can be seen fighting Rain. Considering that the Edenian prince eventually got to be made playable as part of Kombat Pack 2, could Blaze also be fortunate enough to also become DLC in MK 11?

    Kustomizable Gear: lower face covering, torso armor, chains around wrists

  • Shao Kahn #1 fan, so much that he abandoned the Brotherhood of the Shadow to become one of the Outworld Emperor's generals. Though some MK fans feel he is too bland a character and thus lacks merit to return, but considering that the MKX comics revamped him into a more ambitious villain, I think he could make a compelling character.

    As for his general fighting style, giving him a nimble (somewhat like he had in MK4, due to be a replacement for Noob Saibot, until the latter was included in console ports), but also hard hitting via his hammer (in the way Armageddon implemented it) would certainly make for uniquely flexible fighter with plenty of possibilities to surprise in battle.

    Kustomizable Gear: Shuriken, hammer, chest harness

  • Given the low likelihood that Deagon and especially Hsu Hao have of returning in MK11 or any future installment any time soon, Mavado is the most likely Red Dragon member who will be able to make a comeback first. Considering that Hsu Hao is safe to say never returning, it might also be a good idea to incorporate a few parts of that widely disliked characters fighting style, such as his heart laser and sun-moon blades, so that some elements of the fighting style live on via the at least better liked Mavado.

    Kustomizable Gear: hook swords (or Sun-Moon blades), bungie grapples, wrist bands

  • This entry is going to involve a MAJOR SPOILER about what happens in the storyline, so skip this one if you want to refrain from spoilers.

    With the death of the Black Dragon's leader Kano (barring another story expansion pack that involves time rewinding to save him), obviously there is going to a huge void to fill in that syndicate's leadership. Of those members who could seek to take the top spot would be Kabal and Jarek.

    Though Jarek is disliked by some sections of the fandom, even after Armageddon revamped him with his own moveset instead being a Kano-klone as he was in MK4, but considering he gained some fans after the aforementioned Armageddon changes, I believe he would be a worthy addition as either DLC for MK 11 or another installment down the line.

    Kustomizable Gear: axes, lassoes, vests

  • Whether he is rightly or wrongly disliked by much of the MK fandom, but he could also be key contributing part of a new story arc depending on how much of a role Orderrealm and its military plays in a future installment.

    While his personality would need a few minor changes, such as what drives him to being so devoted to imposing his harsh brand of order? Perhaps a personal tragedy, such as the loss of his parents at a young age (insert Batman jokes here ^_^), but with that he would be able to attain a better standing among the fandom.

    Kustomizable Gear: naginata, banners, belts/hip and waist armor

  • Kustomizable Gear: Dan Tien Dao swords, medal

  • Kustomizable Gear: drake swords, belt, arm bands

  • Kustomizable Gear: Kriss sword, hats, voodoo dolls

  • Kustomizable Gear: Dragon Teeth Dagger,

  • Kustomizable Gear: Horns, Tail attachments, Waist armor

  • Kustomizable Gear: Face mask, sword

  • Kustomizable Gear: Iron Club, Mask, Loin cloth

  • Kustomizable Gear: Ball and chain, __ , __

  • Kustomizable Gear: Gauntlets, sunglasses, belts

  • Kustomizable Gear: Drakesword,

  • Kustomizable Gear: Autumn Dao sword, ___, ___

  • Kustomizable Gear: machete, kali sticks, gloves

  • Kustomizable Gear: meat cleavers, lower body clothing, eye replacements

  • Kustomizable Gear: Sensors,

  • Introduced in MK: Deadly Alliance and returned in Armageddon (granted, only because everyone in the series to that point got to return) is someone who would be better left forgotten to time. Though it would be nice if he became DLC... as an optional Fatality practice dummy so that a player doesn't have to do on a character likes or admires as cool.

    With that said, it would be interesting if at least a few of his moves were incorporated into Mavado's moveset.

    Kustomizable Gear: chest laser, hats, Sun-Moon blades.