My Wish list for Guest characters in the Mortal Kombat series

My list of characters who I'd like to see through down with the cast (er, "Kast") of the MK series.

Least wanted at bottom and most wanted at top.

Other Honorable Mention(s): Lord Deimos from Mace: The Dark Age (a past project of Midway (of which its former properties belong to WB) considering that Atari (which co-published the game with Midway) is going to be releasing a new console for the first time in more than two decades (since the Atari Jaguar) perhaps he could be an exclusive for the upcoming Atari VCS?

List items

  • Yes, I'm aware of an alleged leak claiming he will be in the game, but until an official announcement is made, Ash Williams will be on this list.

  • Given that Rick & Morty is known for its dark humor and is not shy with moments over the top body horror and mayhem. Also considering R&M metaphysical comedy, he'd also be an equivalent of Deadpool without having to negotiate with Marvel and Disney. BTW who do you think would win in a drinking contest between Rick and Bo' Rai Cho?

    Given how prominent his Portal Gun is in Rick and Morty, it's safe to say that his playstyle would involve frequent teleporting on the stage and also as part of one of his fatalities.

  • This witch from Sega and Platinum Game's series of the same name would be an ideal fit to Mortal Kombat. She can do "Torture Attacks" on enemies in her native series... maybe some fatality ideas for the developers at NRS.

    Of late the Bayonetta games have been exclusives on Nintendo consoles, which may limit her to the Nintendo Switch (at least at first). Hopefully this would be a situation similar to Darth Vader and Yoda on the PS3 and Xbox360 version of Soulcalibur IV (available by default/free on one and DLC on the other console).

  • Speaking of Soulcalibur, A cursed supernatural sword that possesses people would also fit right in with the MK franchise. The fact that MK is M rated would allow for some gruesome finishing moves that his native T rated series wouldn't allow.

  • It would be pretty fitting for Killer Instinct, a series that was made to compete against MK back in the 90s, being able to lend a character. Granted some will gripe about this one being an Xbox console and Windows PC exclusive, but I don't personally care.

    It would also be nice if his one of his fatalities was given the name of "No Mercy" after Killer Instinct's equivalent finishing moves.

  • While its unlikely SNK will lend any characters, and especially won't have any heroic characters (e.g. Terry Bogard, Athena Asamiya, Kyo Kusanagi, etc.) to the creators of the Mortal Kombat series, I'd imagine the best case scenario is that a villainous character could have a shot making the roster. When considering how monstrous a guy Bernstein is (murdering Col. Heidern's family right in front of him after gauging his eye out), there would be no concern for guilt.

    I'd imagine hypothetical fatalities for him being him performing an over the top lethal genocide cutter or encasing a defeated opponent in molten metal to keep as a trophy.

  • This is one Bad Bastich from DC who could easily fit in the MK universe without needing to make alterations. This applies to other DC villains (or antiheroes) including Deathstroke, Darkseid, and Joker (the last of whom has indeed returned after being in MKvsDCU), but they've already been in a game so, they will not be included on this list.

    One of his fatalities could be based on his super move from Injustice: Gods Among Us (minus the pixilation over his middle finger gesture, due to MK being M-rated unlike the T-rated Injustice series).

  • Another DC character (who hasn't already crossovered) who could easily fit into a mainline MK title.

  • Worth noting that Ed Boon seems to have wanted this character to be in a game. When considering the over the top mayhem the Twisted Metal series is known for, Needles Kane (AKA Sweet Tooth) would certainly fit.

    His X-Ray/Fatal Blow (or whatever he'll have in a future installment) and Fatalities would have to involve his weaponized Ice Cream truck.

    Even though this is a PlayStation exclusive franchise (of which hasn't had an installment since the 2012 reboot), however the fact that a Twisted Metal TV series is in the works would certainly suggest that there could at least be enough of a fanbase (and thus customers to cater to) to justify having him in an MK game.

  • A guy from a world of adventure in which he encounters GORE! GORE! BLOOD! YOU SEE THAT GIANT DEMON OVER THERE!? NO YOU DON'T BECAUSE IT'S FREAKIN' DEAD! (shout out to Lanipator).

    Admittedly, the likelihood of a character from a manga or anime is highly unlikely (especially when considering that no MK games have been officially sold in Japan since MK3, granted some people based in Japan have imported copies from overseas markets), but if there had to be one, it would most likely have to be Berserk's Guts.

  • I'd love for this Commander of the Helghast Forces to duke it out with the fighters of Mortal Kombat. Perhaps he could even have a few moves he had in Playstation All-Stars:Battle Royale.

    Admittedly the fact that there hasn't been a new Killzone game since 2013 hampers the possibility of Radec making it into MK and combined with him being from a Sony owned Playstation Exclusive series (and thus will create gripes in the event that XBox and Nintendo Switch don't have any guests of their own) hampers the possibility of Radec making it into MK11 or any future titles.

  • Madworld and Anarchy Reigns were both over the top in their violence, thus Jack Cayman would fit right in.

  • Worth noting that Lollipop Chainsaw was published by Warner Bros. Interactive, so rights issues wouldn't be a problem.

  • Conan the Barbarian to avoid confusion. Considering that another Conan the Barbarian movie is allegedly in the works, it would be an excellent move on the movie maker's part to gain some publicity for it by having him as a guest fighter in a Mortal Kombat game.

  • Well characters form slasher-horror movies have frequently been guests (e.g. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface) and so far Halloween's Michael Myers is the highest profile one (perhaps aside from Ash Williams) to have yet appear in the MK series.

  • The Doom series is certainly no stranger to bloody violence and hence, its protagonist would be a very good fit. Also would be fitting (in reference to the Doom series creating the conventions of the FPS genre) if one or both of his fatalities are done in a First Person camera view.

  • From the FEAR series owned by WB itself. Perhaps she could even be made to as an equivalent to Hisako from Killer Instinct.

  • If Bandai Namco isn't willing to offer a Soulcalibur character, perhaps they might be more willing to lend a character, such as Splatterhouse's Rick Taylor, from an M-rated series.

    Granted, the fact there hasn't been a game since 2010, of which got mostly mixed reviews (with Metacritic aggregate scores showing it getting 59 and 62 on PS3 and X360 versions respectively) hampers the likelihood that either Warner Bros. would seek out or that BN would try to pursue a pitch for this character. However, given that the Splatterhouse series is a homage to slasher movies, of which iconic ones such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface have been guest fighters so far, it would also be a way for him to have a chance of making it onto an MK game roster.

  • Worth noting that some installments in the Samurai Shodown series from which Haohmaru hails from has finishing moves (of which are literally called "Fatalities"), and thus wouldn't be a stranger to bloody combat, er "Kombat".

    Funny to note that shortly after I put him on this list, he was announced to make his debut!... in Soulcalibur VI.

  • Alternatively, if SNK doesn't want to feature Haohmaru (or any other Samurai Shodown characters), they could go to Warner Bros. own catalogue and have Jack be a guest character. The 2017 revival was a more mature oriented continuation of the Prime time animated series, and thus would have justification being in a Mortal Kombat series.

  • Yeah I'm aware that it is highly unlikely Nintendo would ever lend any of their characters for MK, but if one was to make it would most likely be a villain such as Ganon from the Legend of Zelda series.

  • Even less likely than Ganon due to his large size. He would have to be scaled down to roughly the size of a Shokan.

  • While it is unlikely that Capcom will ever let a Street Fighter character be in an MK game, but I'd think that Kage would be the best fit (somewhat significant and also bad guy, thus no one would mourn his passing via finishing move).

  • If Capcom wouldn't let a Street Fighter character appear, could they at least allow long time Resident Evil baddie be a guest?

  • From Sega's Eternal Champions series. Granted it is highly unlikely given that this franchise has been dormant since the mid-90s. Though if Sega did manage to get Shadow Yamoto (or any other EC character) in an MK game and then made a few EC game, perhaps Sega could return the favor by allowing one (or more) MK character(s) as guest(s). Again unlikely, but hey if Banjo-Kazooie (owned by Microsoft since 2002) could appear in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., is it impossible for this to happen?