Non-canon Dragon Ball Characters that I'd like to see rebooted

Given that Broly was rebooted by Akira Toriyama himself for the 2018 film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, here's a list of characters in the Dragon Ball franchise who to date are still non-canon that I think should also be given the opportunity to be rebooted and/or canonized also. Whether they are derived from theatrical features, Original Video Animations (OVA), video games, Anime filler arcs, or the unofficial continuation DragonBall GT (though Toriyama has apparently in recent years started calling it an "alternate continuity" rather than out right non-canon or whatever), these are the characters I'd most want to make the Shonen Jump *rimshot or facepalm depending on how feel about that pun* into the canon storyline of DragonBall (most wanted at top) and how I'd go about doing this.

Also keep in mind that as of this typing, the Moro arc has not concluded so I will be ignoring developments from that until it is over.

List items

  • I'll admit that this is my personal favorite no disrespect to anyone who is a fan of Cooler, but Janemba is the one non-canon character I'd most want. As for how I'd reboot him, while keeping something along the lines of how he was created in movie 12, I'd also flesh out his personality. I would make him kind of like the Dragon Ball universe's equivalent of DC comic's Scarecrow in which he would prey upon people's worst fears and instincts in order to draw power from that. Making Goku and co. have to fight off a psychological assault, in which their greatest fears manifest in someway (i.e. Vegeta being confronted for those he had killed in the past for example) would add some entertaining twists and turns.

  • Well here's my second most requested character. If I could reboot him, I'd have him as being an illegitimate child of King Cold (and hence why his younger brother Frieza got to succeed their father) who then got to succeed Frieza following his death on Earth, but then forced out some years later because of some crisis at which point Sorbet decided to resurrect Frieza. However upon learning that when Frieza was resurrected (yet again after the Tournament of Power) that his wish was simply to be five centimeters taller, some disgruntled Frieza minions (Sauza, Dore, and Neiz) decide they've had enough of Frieza's pettiness and want to restore Cooler. Then this sets off a Civil war for the throne of the Cold Clan.

  • Towa was originally introduced in Dragon Ball Online (now defunct) and leads a group known as the "Time Breakers". She, Mira, and the rest of the Time Breakers have so far been exclusive to various video games, DBO, Dragon Ball Heroes, and the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, but I genuinely would like to the Time Breakers make the jump into canon.

  • While I'd have him as being a space pirate like he was in Movie 3, I'd change him up by having him originate from Universe 6 rather than being yet another survivor of Planet Vegeta's destruction. Perhaps when Vegeta (and his family) gets to visit the U6 Saiyans on Planet Sadala perhaps this is when Turles and his gang come out to cause havoc.

  • With the Tuffles (AKA Tsufuru-jins) being made canon as of the Universal Survival saga, I'd really like to see some of the details about them that are so far exclusive to non-canon storylines (e.g. anime filler, video games, and GT) make their way into canon as well.

  • Obviously in addition to Dr. Lychee (or Raichi as Giantbomb is translating his name as), I'd also want the Hatchiyack supercomputer canonized as well.

  • Well to be more specific, I'd like to see some version of the events the Janemba movie canonized and along with it Pikkon and all the Otherworld fighters canonized. It would be nice if upon Goku, Vegeta, and any other Z-Fighters encountering him in the Otherworld while having to deal with Janemba if Goku could casually mention the Otherworld tournament and make that retroactively canon as well.

  • Arguably the best made villain from GT, I'd obviously like to see him made canon. However, given that the Tuffles were all about superintelligence (in contrast to the warrior Saiyan race) I'd like for him to be reinvented into something along the lines of the long time Superman nemesis Brainiac.

  • If GT gets redone (and takes into account retcons from Super), I'd like to see an Android 21 arc take the place of the Super 17 saga from the original GT. Also, instead of all the villains escaping from Hell (or HFIL ^_^) that instead they could have 21 making clones of various Dragon Ball characters just like she does in Dragon Ball Fighterz.