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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 Dream roster Wishlist

Yeah, yeah I know it is unlikely that there is ever going to be a sequel to PSASBR, but hey if Banjo-Kazooie (despite being owned by Microsoft) can make it into Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, who says that another miracle can happen?

I found out another guy, named Marino, made his own wishlist which can be seen here for those interested:

UPDATE: The list will now be in alphabetical order (by order of series/franchise) in order to avoid potential controversies over favoritism.

List items

  • From Ape Escape. Though it has been about a decade since any installments (either its main series of spinoffs), the fandom of this series is at least still prominent enough to be worth courting for a hypothetical PSASBR sequel.

  • The first Bloody Roar games were PlayStation and PlayStation 2 exclusives. Also amusing to mention that appeared in another platform fighter, DreamMix TV World Fighters, prior.

  • Hopefully Activision won't be as greedy and demanding if a sequel were to be made. It would also be a bit of an irony if Crash were to be a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before being in a PlayStation-based game. At the very least, he'd get to fight against plumber boy himself ^_^.

  • From the Dark Cloud series, AKA one of Sony's attempts at ripping off/"homage"-ing (pick your poison ^_^) Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series.

  • Though Princess Plump from the PSN exclusive Fat Princess was a very odd choice to include on the roster, but she in many ways proved to be fun an unique to play as.

  • Would certainly be interesting and nice to see him here (given that FFVII and other Final Fantasy games for about a decade afterward were PlayStation exclusives.)

  • Given that God of War for PS4 has been one of the top selling games for the PS4, heck yes I'd like him to return.

  • From the Gravity Rush series.

  • From Horizon Zero Dawn

  • From the Infamous series. And please, just one this time!

  • Okay, I admit I was a big fan of this Naughty Dog made series growing up.

  • Regardless of one's opinion's regarding the Knack games themselves, I'd imagine he'd make an interesting choice for the roster.

  • From "The Last of Us". Maybe he could have Ellie as an assist.

  • Interesting to note that The Legend of Dragoon's Dart Feld was planned as a DLC for PSASBR until Sony decided to pull the plug on further DLC for the game.

  • From the LittleBigPlanet series.

  • From the MediEvil series.

  • From the Metal Gear series.

  • From Oddworld. Interesting to note that Abe (Along with Dart Feld) was being considered for a third set of DLC before that was cancelled.

  • From the series of the same name.

  • From Primal

  • Interesting to note that his game on the original PlayStation was best selling on that particular platform.

  • Again, hopefully the one of the PlayStation's original mascots would not be cock blocked by Activision.

  • Worth noting that Sony provided funding to Capcom for the development of Street Fighter V (in exchange for making it exclusive for PS4), thus because has some stake in the Street Fighter series, they would have a case for having Street Fighter's (and indeed fighting games period) most iconic character on the roster of PSASBR2.

  • It would be quite amusing having the Blue Blur duke it out with some of Sony's mascots (and some other miscellaneous characters).

  • From the Soulcalibur series.

  • Considering that the Syphon Filter games were Sony's alternate company equivalent to Konami's Metal Gear series, it would be amusing to see Gabe Logan square off with Solid Snake and Raiden.

  • From the series of the same name.

  • Needles Kane (AKA Sweet Tooth) from the PlayStation's longest existing franchise, Twisted Metal, so yeah he deserves to come back for a hypothetical sequel.

  • From the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog

  • From the White Knight Chronicle series. It would be nice if he could have one (or more) of the mechs from his native series appear as assists for him.

  • From Wild ARMS, one of the first set the original Playstation's First-party RPGs.