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Soulcalibur Bonus Characters Who Should be Promoted to Full Mainline Status in the Future

Soulcalibur titles II through IV featured special characters known as "Bonus Characters" who would act as mooks in various modes and could be unlocked to use in other modes. To date only one Bonus Character has ever been promoted to being a main roster character, Amy Sorel in Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition (and while some may also include Hwang and Li Long, but they were pre-existing playable characters from prior installments). Though with the timeline reboot via Soulcalibur VI, hopefully some of these Bonus characters will be revamped as well.

I doing this in ascending order with most wanted at top and least wanted at bottom.

Also a note on characters who were originally featured in SC III's Chronicles of the Sword mode (Abelia, Luna, Demuth, Aurelia, Chester, Strife, and Girardot). Yes I'm well aware that they were not from the same universe as the SC's (and thus officially non-canon), but the fact that parallel universes have been established now via Soulcalibur VI (with Zasalamel's comment on Geralt of Rivia's appearance being used as a way to justify this), it is safe to say that will also be used to justify the COTS characters appearance should they return in the future.

Some honorable mentions should be given to Lizardman Mook (from Soulcalibur II) and Greed due to there being no individual articles for them as of the this posting.

List items

  • Well, this is my top choice for being made a main roster character. He's arguably the oldest character on this list having debuted in 1998's Soulcalibur, granted as a palette swap for Mitsurugi, before returning as a Bonus Character in SC III.

    I don't care if some will think it is cliched for Arthur to the top spot, but I personally wish he could be a full fledged fighter.

  • Of the Bonus characters in SCIII, Revenant had a backstory that had the strongest connection to any of the main roster characters. In life, he killed an old man (Zasalamel) who then years later returned (reincarnated as a younger man) and returned the favor and was bond to serve Zasalamel onward. Thus because his backstory actually ties into a main roster character so strongly, he would be the easiest to make a full fledged character.

    The fact that he was one of the few SCIII Bonus characters to return in any form in future installments demonstrates that he has some degree of importance and should at some point be revamped into a main roster character. Honestly, it's a bit surprising that he hasn't achieved the same ascension as Amy.

  • Of all of Soulcalibur IV's Bonus Characters (of which this one doesn't even have her own article on Giantbomb and hence have to use the generic Scheherazade article to link to instead) is the one I find most fascinating, not necessarily from a gameplay perspective but from a world/lore building angle. Her creation signals the existence of Elves or at least Elf-like beings in the Soulcalibur universe. Arguably the fact the developers for Soulcalibur VI included "Hidden Village Clan" as a race for CAS creations and also have side missions involving the HVC certainly suggests that this race of beings might have degree of importance in the new timeline (and perhaps Scheherazade will return as well).

  • While she is a fairly minor character in the scheme of Soulcalibur's lore, she did interestingly return as an NPC opponent in SCVI's Libra of Souls mode whereas her partner Greed was relegated to being a cutscene/dialogue only presence. Her Katana and Shuriken fighting style in SCIII was pretty cool and it would be nice to see that return at some point.

    As for her partner, you can consider him "4.5" on this list (Greed lacks a character article right now).

  • One of the most memorable shopkeeper girls from SC III was Valeria (and for any female readers who might be rolling their eyes right now, it was not solely because of eye candy factor). Her bladed greaves fitting style was very unique and different from the rest of the cast and it is a shame that it has not been replicated since. Hualin and Lynette were by no means bad characters, but their respective fittings were either minor variations on pre-existing ones (Hualin's staff in comparison to other staff and spear users) or just unusual (Lynette using tambourines as weapons). Thus if only one of the shopkeepers could return in the future, Valeria would be my choice.

  • This bonus character had a nice variation of Cervantes' style in that she used katanas instead of cutlasses. Granted, the fact she fights largely about the same as him still stands. Thus hopefully she could be given a fighting style of her own, of which could be based on certain elements of nature. Her swords, Raijin-Maru and Fujin-Maru, are named after the Japanese gods of lightning and wind respectively, and thus it would be nice if her style could be changed up to give her certain lightning and wind attacks, which would make her an intertaining foil to the Alexandra Sisters (whose weapons have lightning based enhancements) and Talim (a priestess of the wind). Also as with the SC IV Bonus characters, I would incorporate a few of the Star Wars guest fighters moves into her moveset.

    I should also give some credit to YouTube User MrTopTenList for his moveset revamping ideas as he discussed in his video "Top Ten 'Forgotten' Characters that Should be in Soulcalibur VI" (of which Shura appears at #5 on that particular list) .

  • Of the COTS characters from SC III, Abelia would be my top choice to be made part of the main roster. She was in many ways the co-hero/heroine along with the Cadet in COTS, and thus a highly important figure I believe deserving enough to be a main roster character. Considering that her weapon/fighting style is not too similar to the Alexandra sisters, such as how she has one move that involves her knocking down and pounding an opponent and even inheriting Link's rapid stabbing move from SC II, and thus would spice up the roster.

  • One of the fairly decent COTS character who would be cool to ascend to full roster status. His fighting style might need a few adjustments to avoid looking ridiculous (being that it is very inconsistent with this gruff demeanor), but that would be the only changes necessary.

  • Well apparently Ashlotte has become popular enough over the years that Soulcalibur VI included Automaton as an option for a race for CAS. Whether this a sign that Ashlotte might return (and as a full fledged character) remains to be seen, but I'd imagine she would be very welcome by fans to make a comeback.

    She fights with same style as Astaroth and has virtually identical animations to the gigantic golem despite far smaller than him, thus making it appear she has telekinesis when performing the same throw and grapples... perhaps they could give her telekinesis and thus make that canon? That would be a nice little gag.

  • Though the Soulcalibur series wasn't short on staff and/or spear users already, but the she did at least differ in that she had a staff that could magically extend. It would be nice if her backstory could somehow be changed to give her some sort of connection to Kilik (given that he is a sun Wukong-like character, of whom also had an extending staff).

  • So did He-man accidently find himself in the Soulcalibur universe? Okay that joke about his hairstyle aside, he is fairly well designed in regard to personality, physical aesthetic (again, hair aside), and moveset.

    As for how his new timeline counterpart could be refined, I would have him as being a parallel universe counterpart to Siegfried (a knight who wasn't actively seeking power, but succumbs to his darker impulses upon gaining Soul Edge and becoming Nightmare) and Raphael (a nobleman who has fallen from power following a false accusation of attempting murder and then schemes to regain that power and then more). Perhaps he could even become a new Nightmare as a host for Inferno?

  • While he was one of the main Big Bads of the COTS (along with Strife), and thus someone who has some importance, but he is going to need some revamping to his playstyle. On the one hand, his dagger fighting style is a nice addition, but his use of bombs (in a series where most characters do not have projectiles) made him a bit of an annoyingly cheap character. Toning down the power of the bombs and giving him a few more parrying and defensive moves would be a few minor changes to make him more balanced with the rest of the cast.

    As for what role he could have in the new timeline, obviously someone like him would be fairly devious and exploit the discovery of a new parallel universe for his own benefit, such as tricking a main universe hero (e.g. Sophitia, Mitsurugi, etc.) that he is a "good" man in need from an "evil" invader. Perhaps his personality could be adjusted to make him a bit more ambitious in seeking to take power across the earths of both universes.

  • Not necessarily fond of this character, but at least having her chain and sickle weapon/fighting style back would certainly be worth it.

  • While her playstyle is fairly fun and beginner friendly, but her personality, well, not so much. For all the complaints some make about certain characters (e.g. ZWEI, Patroklos, Pyrrha, Natsu, Leixia, Xiba, and Grøh) being cliché anime-style characters, I would say that Luna fits that description too, but in is actually the worst offender of that kind of critique. She is a tsundere, but a very generic one that would benefit from some fleshing out.

  • Though she, like the rest of the SC IV Bonus characters, simply reused the style of another character on the roster (in Angol Fear's case, Seong Mi-na's) with certain minor differences (e.g. longer reach, more speed, different hitbox size), but they were fighters with their own specific dialogue and arcade endings nonetheless. However, the fact that her creator, Mine Yoshizaki, later included her in his manga Sgt. Frog could create some legal headaches in the event that Bandai Namco ever wanted her to return.

    Though in the hypothetical chance that she could return, I'd like for her style to be changed and given a few sci-fi elements (such as say laser weapons and teleportation) and whatever elements are from the Sgt. Frog manga or even a few elements of the Star Wars guest characters (who were in SC IV along with her) in order so that she could have a unique style of her own.

  • This tambourine wielding fighter (yes you read that correctly) is a very unique character to say the least. It would be interesting if her fighting style was refined a bit in order to make it less dancing-ish.

  • A seemingly young girl is not the type of person anyone expect to be using the demonic nightmare's style.

    Nothing against folks who like this character, but of the SC IV Bonus characters she is the one who is the least appealing (to me at least) and hence why I have low on my list. Hence why I really don't have much else to say about her.

  • Another SCII Bonus character. Though this character was also implemented as an anonymous mook like Assassin, but I believe that the Berserker would have potential to be revamped, given that subsequent titles have featured NPC opponents named as "Berserker", with SCVI in particular using it as a term for people unfortunate enough to have been trapped in the Astral Chaos for years at a time.

    As for moveset, I would have it as being something involving a weapon other than an ax (like Astaroth) nor a mace (like Rock) for the sake of avoiding complaints of being too similar to either of those characters.

    As for personality and backstory, I'd have him as being a Viking warrior who is originally from Scandinavia (of which the word berserk is derived from Old Norse BTW) who unwittingly got sucked into a Astral Fissure and eventually found a way to escape and is now reeking havoc in Soulcalibur's present.

  • Well I should note that there is one SC II Bonus character who is less liked, the generic Lizardman/Lizardmen mooks from SCII, but there isn't even an article for him (which probably says a lot about how little that character is liked and/or remembered. He/it would be the next to last one on this list), but I'll have to start with SCII's Assassin. While the Assassin was made solely so a fighter with Hwang's fighting style would be available, but I believe that this generic mook could be revamped into his own unique character with a proper individual name (a la how the character Lizardman gained the name "Aeon Calcos" from SCV onward).

    As for moveset, in addition to a few of Hwang's moves (or variations of them), I like for some of Ezio Auditore's moves from SCV be implemented into the Assassin's moveset (similar to how some of Kratos' moveset from Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny were incorporated in Aeon Calcos' in SCV. As a result it would allow those who liked were good with Ezio's moveset an opportunity to keep their main in some form.

    As for personality and backstory, the way I would go about is making him part of a Persian based order of Assassins (perhaps even as a competitor to the Europe based Bird of Passage) as well as making him someone with a strong ideological/religious conviction against those who he perceives as being responsible for Soul Edge's appearance as being a divine punishment of sorts (thus making him an enemy of the still Greek deity revering Alexander family). While I understand that Bandai Namco would be unlikely to take up the latter half (not wanting to touch on controversial matters of politics and religion even if in the most veiled way).

  • Oh yes if it isn't one of the most beloved and imaginatively made characters of this series... I say sarcastically. Yeah, its safe to say that this guy was simply just someone the designers threw together because they had a roster spot left and wanted to get it over with so they could on to the other parts of the game they liked. Hence, why he nor his Steel Fan fighting style have yet to return in any other installment to date. Obviously if he is ever to return, his personality and playstyle will need some major revamping.