Soulcalibur VI Season 2 DLC character predictions

When Season 2 was announced, it was a highly pleasing sight. However, there are only so many slots that are available (of which were three spots plus new coming guest character Haohmaru). Given that Soulcalibur VI is timeline reboot that goes back to Soul Edge/Blade and Soulcalibur, it's safe to say that whoever these other characters (assuming they aren't total newcomers and/or ascended NPCs (e.g. Mortal Kombat: Special Forces' Tremor being made playable in MKX to use a rough example of what I mean) from SE, Soulcalibur, and Soulcalibur II are the ones who have the strongest likelihood of making it onto SC VI's stage of history.

I have included at least one SC V character (Z.W.E.I.) if only because he is the only one who would be old enough (at least somewhere in his teens) during the timeframe of 1583-1587, whereas the other SC V newcomers would either have been in diapers or not born yet (though some may also include Viola, but she is kind of already present in SC VI. It's a bit complicated and spoiler involving).

In ascending order, from least likely at bottom to most likely at top.

UPDATE: My original list excluded any SC III and SC IV. However following Hilde's announcement as being part of Season 2, I revised this list to acknowledge the main roster characters of those games. However, I will not be including the SC III and SC IV Bonus characters (who I am doubtful will be appearing on the roster at all) and Geo Dampierre (being that he debuted in the Soulcalibur IV spin-off SC: Broken Destiny, rather than SC IV proper).

List items

  • Probably the most likely pre-existing character that will make it in Season 2. He certainly plays a major role in at least Seong Mi-na's Soul Chronicle (story mode for those who don't know) and also has an unique portrait (instead of a recolor/slightly changed one as other NPCs have in the Soul Chronicle mode). The fact he also doesn't have an NPC version in either Soul Chronicle nor Libra of Souls modes as an opponent using another character's style seems to suggest that Bandai Namco is going to make him fully playable.

    Also worth noting that datamining has revealed in regard to DLC the word "Yellow" (of which Hwang's name can translate from Korean into English as "Gold" or "Yellow"), thus giving some hope that he will be playable.

  • So far he has only been referred to once, that being in a Libra of Souls side mission as part of the "Taking on the World" questline, but a "Lizardman chief" has been shown in certain scenes of the Soul Chronicle mode. Interesting of late, Libra of Souls mode displays for characters that are Lizardmen as having a unique hatchet and shield style as their display as their weapon and fighting style (which no other playable characters have), possibly hinting at Aeon Calcos making a return in SC VI. On top of that, when in one battle in Libra of Soul mode against him (along with Ivy and Astaroth), he has equipment that is not available for Lizardman type CAS to wear, which again strengthens my argument of him having a strong chance to make the cut.

    I would also add that datamining reveals among things DLC related an item labeled as "Reptile". Also, Updates following Hilde's release grant Aeon Calcos style opponents in Libra of Souls mode an additional weapon variety (called "Lunatic") in addition to "Iron Hatchet and Shield". I'm highly doubtful that Project Soul would be adding such changes for fighting style and its associated character unplayable, hence why I'm keeping to my guns on Aeon Calcos making it.

  • Setsuka's loyalists have been very vocal about wanting her return to the series and only someone who is willfully blind would try to say otherwise. The fact that Datamining of DLC related content includes "Snow" (of which her name is Japanese for "Snow Flower") as an item, she seems to be a strong possibility.

  • He has been an NPC in Soulcalibur VI (so far at least) with a major presence both in the Soul Chronicle and Libra of Souls modes. The fact that the development team has not made him an NPC opponent in either Soul Chronicle or Libra of Souls might suggests the possibility that he could be saved for DLC as his own character.

  • Though Astaroth is one big heavy hitter already present on SC VI's roster, but I'd like for Rock to return (along with his adopted son Bangoo, of who was planned to be playable in SC V until Bandai Namco pushed up the release date) if for no other reason than to reunite some more of the original Soul Edge and Soulcalibur cast. Granted, it is less likely he will make it in comparison to the four above him given that he doesn't have as large a fan base as Hwang, Aeon Calcos, Setsuka, and Edge Master. Thus barring the announcement of a Season 3 of DLC, he and everyone else below him are more than likely going to miss out on being in Soulcalibur VI.

    However, there has been datamining related to DLC that curiously includes "Stone". Whether this is in reference to Rock (or maybe even Bangoo instead) or something else entirely (e.g. new CAS Custom parts/accessories or a new stage) remains unknown as of this posting.

  • SC III made some innovations to help differentiate him from his student Maxi, thus I'd imagine much of that SC III moveset could be implemented in order to make him a unique character and avoid complaints of clone characters on the roster. Though even then, he has had only two appearances in the entire franchise (or three if one wants to count Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition as a separate game), which is less than or equal to everyone else who out ranks him on this list. Thus, its safe to say that Project Soul doesn't have much care for him, which combined with Li Long not having as large a character fan base to clamor for him, doesn't help his cause.

  • Say what you will about the installment (Soulcalibur V) he originated from, this is one character who debuted there that I'd like to see return and reveal a little bit more about his mysterious past (perhaps even a few retcons connecting him to either the Aval organization (as a rogue ex-member) or Azwel's group (as one of the subjects of his experiments). The fact that one character (who I'll refrain from saying for the sake of those not wanting to be spoiled) is seeking to change the timeline to avoid going down to the same path as SC V, perhaps Z.W.E.I. could be contacted by the character in an effort carry out that mission.

    If this list was of who I'd want to return, he'd be way higher, but as this is strictly gauging the likelihood of being on SC VI's roster, unfortunately I must place him here.

    UPDATE: Following an update after Hilde's reveal, I decided to bump up Z.w.E.I. from being between Charade and Heihachi (then-10th spot), to all the way to being in Seventh place. The fact that Project Soul was willing to go all the way to the SC IV period of the timeline (when Soulcalibur's new timeline covers Soul Edge and Soulcalibur) gives me reason to believe that Z.W.E.I. could genuinely have a chance, granted there are still difficult odds for him (namely that he debut in the most polarizing installment in the series), but nonetheless better than I'd previously expected.

  • Given that Soulcalibur IV established his role in the creation of the sword Soulcalibur, it would be no surprise that Libra of Souls and the Museum mode (as "The Hero King") have made references to him at an earlier point than in the original timeline. However, I believe it is more likely he will be saved for a sequel rather than being part of the Season 2 DLC. This is based on Soulcalibur VI already having a slew of Big Bads and Big Bads to come. The main Soul Chronicle has Nightmare (and Inferno if one wants to count him as a separate entity) and Libra of Souls has Azwel serving as the main antagonist of that storyline. Then there is Zasalamel and Raphael being teased to be the next main antagonists for Soulcalibur VII. So its safe to say that trying to throw in another significant antagonist would be overdoing it. So sorry Algol fans, I think you'll have to wait for a SC VII at the soonest to get your main back.

  • So far he has only been present (as a playable character) in the console version of 1995's Soul Edge/Soul Blade (the very first game) and like Arthur in the preceding entry is already in Libra of Souls as an NPC opponent. However, the fact that he is presented as being an excellent martial artist and was always his own character to begin with, rather than being a palette swap, gives him a edge over Arthur (though still very slim) in having a chance to be in Season 2.

    I would also make a note that Seong Han-myeong is notable for having a uniquely individual face that is not available as an option in Creation mode. While this is certainly not a sign that Project Soul did this with the intention for him to become DLC in the future, but it is a sign he could have a role as part of another character's Soul Chronicle (namely Hwang or Hong Yun-seong).

  • Though he didn't became a character of his own until SC III (prior where he was merely a palette swap of Mitsurugi present in the South Korean version of 1998's Soulcalibur), but I'm willing to count him here in this list. Highly unlikely given that he is already present in the Libra of Souls mode as an NPC with Mitsurugi's style.

  • Yeah he isn't the most popular of the cast, but he at least has some potential. Granted I'd rather Yun-seong (and everyone else below him on this list) be saved for a potential sequel, but if anyone who was introduced in SC II (who isn't already on the roster or DLC), he would have the most likely chance.

  • Though he is a fairly minor character in the whole course of the Soulcalibur's storyline (in the original timeline), but I'd like to see him return with a somewhat expanded role (perhaps even having him being captured and experimented on by Azwel's group). However the fact that there is a far better known and liked mimic character, who you'll see upon ascending this list, makes it unlikely that he will be able to make it.

  • I can already imagine someone saying "Dude Heihachi is a Tekken character". Yes I'm well aware of that being his origin, but because the Soulcalibur and Tekken series(es) are set in the same fictional universe (though centuries apart), I'm willing to make an exception. At the very least it would be nice to have his style available to create characters (e.g. various Superheroes and martial artists who only use their fists) in CAS that don't usually wield weapons.

    But even if doesn't become DLC in the future, Hey Bandai Namco can we please at least have his hair-style as option? It's so annoying having to come up with ridiculous equipment replacements to mimic his hair.

  • Olcadan is among the mimic characters in the series (who use another character's fighting style per round) of which include also Edge Master, Charade, Elysium (to an extent), and Inferno (in the earlier games). However, from what I can tell about him, he is the least popular (though by no means hated) of these mimic characters. Hence why pretty low on this list (only beating out Necrid and the SC II Bonus characters).

  • Well we can easily rule the least likelihood of a return (aside from the Bonus characters below) being that of Necrid based on a combination of unpopularity (to put it mildly), a legal dispute over ownership of this character (of which Todd MacFarlane has contested with Bandai Namco), and the fact that a similar character, Azwel, has already been made to fulfill his niche/function/moveset. Though in the unlikely event that he manages to be in Season 2 (or future DLC Seasons), I'd like for his backstory to be retconned particularly establishing him as being subjected to some of Azwel's experiments.

  • Like fellow SC II Bonus character Assassin, he/they is extremely unlikely to be in Season 2 (or any further seasons if they happen) as this is more a mook than a proper character. However, the fact that they returned as NPC enemies in titles after their debut suggests they have a little more relevance. Interestingly some NPC opponents in the Soul Chronicle and Libra of Souls modes are even named as being a "Berserker".

  • Yeah, I'm well aware that this is more so random mook than an actual individual character, but I'll include some of Soulcalibur II's Bonus characters anyway. He's dead last on the grounds that the character his moveset was based on, Hwang, has a very strong possibility of returning, thus having this character in the same season would be redundant and unnecessary.