Spinoff and Pre-KOF XIV characters who should be in The King of Fighters XV

The characters from prior games who didn't get to make the roster for KOF XIV who I'd like to see return (or in the case of characters from alternate continuities such as the Maximum Impact and EX games make their canon debut) who I'd like to see in KOF XV. The characters I most want are in ascending order from least at bottom to most at top.

List items

  • He's officially non-canon at present (due to being only in the Dream Match game KOF '02:Unlimited Match), so I'd like for him to make his debut in a canon game. Yeah, Kusanagi (also from a dream match game) also got to be made canon, why not Nameless?

  • I'd love for Adel to have a chance to shine given how few games ('03 and XI) he has been in so far. Considering that Verse is composed of the souls of deceased villains (Adel's father Rugal included), it would make for some interesting pre-match banter and post-match quotes. Potential teammates for him (assuming he isn't a boss-type character) would likely be new original characters given that I can't think of any pre-existing characters who would have common ground to work with Adel. The closest already characters I think who might team up with might be Ash Crimson and Elisabeth Blanctorche (refer to their respective entries for details).

  • SNK has said that SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is canon and Shermie was in the game... so a sign of her (and rest of New Faces Team) returning in KOF XV?

  • Come on, let Goro Daimon go home and be a family man... okay that phrase is related to a Capcom character, but you get the idea. Well Shingo hasn't been in a game since KOF XI (first released back in 2006), so I think it is a bit overdue for him to come back.

  • Judging from Official Invite team's ending, Ash might be returning. At least it would give SNK an opportunity to make some adjustments to his character that had rubbed many KOF fans the wrong way back in the day.

    Regardless, how everyone else reacts to him and other previously deceased characters being able to come back to life will be an interesting development.

  • Given that Elisabeth went through a scheme to bring Ash back, maybe she and Ash can team up? As for a third teammate, maybe Adel Bernstein (see his entry for details on my thoughts about him and his potential inclusion).

  • If dead characters returning to life is part of KOF XV's storyline, I'd imagine Chizuru seeking to resurrect her deceased twin sister Maki would make for a dramatic and intense battle (perhaps she could be a mid/sub boss like she was in KOF 96?).

  • Would like to see him as part of a team including his half-sister Xiao Lon and Lin.

  • And he could team up with the Lon siblings perhaps. And hopefully Ron will get to be a playable and/or fightable opponent as well?

  • But only if Duo is also present.

  • If Angel was one KOF '01 character who got to make a return, why can't May Lee?

  • It's a mild shame so many character debuting in the Tales of Ash arc didn't return for KOF XIV. It would be interesting to see his reaction to Ash's resurrection and other mysteries surrounding Verse.

  • From The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood and KOF EX2: Howling Blood. Given that there is not going to be any sort of continuation of that spinoff series, why not let her and other EX originals come over into the mainline series? Teammates for her that I'd have her partnering with would be Reiji Ogami and Jun Kagami.

  • As with Moe and EX characters, why can't SNK give some of the Maximum Impact characters a new lease on life in the mainline series given that any Maximum Impact sequels are never going to materialize.

    Teammates for Alba would his brother Soiree and Luise Meyrink. As their individual character stories, I would have it being something new and original rather than rehashing the events of the non-canon MI continuities storyline (perhaps even having the Meira brothers and Luise connected to Verse in some way).

  • Teammates I'd have him partnering with would be Lien Neville and Nagase.

    As with a the hypothetical Team Meira above, I'd revamp Duke and his comrades with a new backstory for their canon debut.