Teams and Team formations for The King of Fighters XV Wishlist

Here is a list of teams (with the "team captains" of sorts listed below) I'd like to see in the upcoming The King of Fighters XV.

List items

  • Fatal Fury Team. As for Terry's other teammates, I'd have his team include Andy Bogard and Rock Howard. No offense to fans of Joe Higashi, but I'd like to see Rock be on the base roster and not to mention have some interactions with other characters, especially his dad Geese.

  • Team Sakazaki: Ryo, Robert Garcia, and also Takuma or Yuri Sakazaki

  • Team Kusanagi: consisting of Kyo, Benimaru Nikaido, and Shingo Yabuki. No disrespect to Goro Daimon, but Shingo's fans have been wanting to see him make a return after being absent for about a decade and a half.

  • Team K': K', Maxima, and Kula Diamond

  • Team China: Shun'ei with Meitenkun and Tung Fu Rue. Considering that Shun'ei has been positioned to be the protagonist of this new story arc starting with XIV, its an obvious duh that he and his teammates should return.

  • Team Yagami: Iori and, I suppose Mature and Vice could return, but honestly it would also be nice to let them rest in peace for a game (weird and long story for those not in the know).

  • Another World Team: Nakoruru joined with Mui Mui. Apparently Love Heart might not return due to the franchise she originates from, Sky Love, being sold to another company. Though they managed to get her in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, but I'm a bit skeptical that SNK is going to get to keep coming up with arrangements to keep using her. Thus I'd think it would be a golden opportunity for SNK to use a character from another franchise it owns or even a fighter from a past installment who has long been absent.

  • Team Blanctorche: Elisabeth along with Ash Crimson and Kukri. It would be a nice payoff of one of the arcade endings of KOF XIV.

  • Team Ikari Warriors: Ralf, Clark Still, and Leona Heidern.

  • Team Southtown (or whatever they choose to call his team): Geese joined with Billy Kane and Hein

  • Team Kim:

  • Psycho Soldiers Team: Athena joined with Sie Kensou and Chin Gentsai

  • Team South America: Nelson joined with Zarina and Bandeiras Hattori

  • Women Fighters Team: Mai

  • Ex-NESTS team: Nameless along with Angel and Sylvie Paula Paula. This would be a new team I'd like to see. Considering that Verse is the product of a disruption with the flow of time caused by Ash Crimson attempting to end himself via preventing his own birth (long story), perhaps there could be some sort of minor plot of Nameless trying to make a sort of "deal with the devil" to go back in time to prevent his lover Isolde's death, thus putting him in conflict with the more heroic characters.

  • Team Hizoku: Duo Lon along with Xiao Lon and Lin. It would be cool to see Duo return (and also for his sister Xiao made canon) as well as potentially teasing some sort of new plot threads that could be developed in the future.

  • Team Bernstein: Considering that one of the souls contained within verse is Adel's father Rugal, it might make for an entertaining, maybe even dramatic, story development. As for who should join him, I'm drawing blanks on which already existing characters could be ideal for him to cooperate with.

  • Team Antonov: Whether he returns as a boss as he was in XIV or as a regular character, I'd like to see him return.

  • New Faces Team '97: Given that Shermie was alive in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (which SNK has said is canon to the KOF series), it seems that she and her teammates Yashiro Nanakase and Chris could be making a return. As for whether they attempt to revive Orochi or pursue some other goal altogether would be interesting to see.