The King of Fighters XIV Newcomers Who Should Return For KOFXV

With EVO 2019 coming upon us (and the likely official announcement of The King of Fighters XV at some during it), I think it would worth looking at some of the fighters who debuted in KOF XIV that I believe merit being in the next installment.

The list is in ascending order with most wanted ranked highest.

An honorable mention can be made for Nakoruru. She already was in a KOF title (the Gameboy port of KOF '95) and thus isn't a newcomer, however her appearance in KOF XIV is canon unlike her prior guest fighter appearance. She certainly is able to detect that Verse is part of some greater disturbance and thus would have much to contribute to the current story arc.

List items

  • Well, lets face. Kukri managed to be hands down the most well liked of the KOF XIV newcomers, even out shining new protagonist Shun'ei. Heck, he got to be in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. Considering that his team's ending reveals him as bringing back a previously erased character, its safe to say that SNK likely already has some significant plans for this guy.

    Assuming he isn't reunited with his teammates (Sylvie and Mian) potential teammates could be Elisabeth Blanctorche and Ash Crimson.

  • While some may have been rubbed the wrong way with his hipster-esque appearance and mannerisms, but I'd be glad for him to return and get to see the origins of his mysterious abilities be revealed as well as whatever connection he has to Verse.

  • If Shun'ei should return, his friend should come along for the ride too.

  • For someone who has a fearsome appearance and appeared to be yet another bad guy with underhanded schemes (Rugal Bernstein, the Hakkesshu, NESTS, Those from the Past) the fact that he turned out to be a good guy (even heroic when he saved a kid from shot down by Verse) is a very refreshing change. The fact that he has a few quirky traits (such as crying over a movie about a boy and a dog at the start of the games' campaign) certainly makes him a memorable character I'd like to see return as a regular roster fighter and/or boss.

  • It was cool to see Rock make his debut in a canon KOF game (note: for those who don't know the Maximum Impact games were a non-canon spinoff). It would be nice if he could be on the base roster on Terry Bogard's team (taking the place of either Andy Bogard or Joe Higashi) and especially if Geese Howard were also to be a fighter in KOF XV and had a pre-fight dialogue between the estranged father and son.

  • This femme fatale was a entertaining addition (as well as an a nice foil to her teammate Kim "JUSTICE" Kaphwan). Her teasing and trolling of other fighters also brings some entertaining spectacle that I'd like to see a bit more of.

  • This vigilante from Saudi Arabia certainly brought some interesting flare with her debut in KOF XIV. I'd like for her to be on the base roster of KOF XV and have some actual intro dialogues (it was disappointing that she was the only DLC character without any sort of special intros).

    As for what teammates she could have, assuming that she isn't joined by new original characters (which would be most likely), I think it would be entertaining to join on fellow fighter for Justice Kim Kaphwan.

  • It is was cool to see her jump from the pachislots to the canon KOF universe. Perhaps in addition to her idol Terry, she could have interactions with Rock as well.

  • Of the members of Team South America, Nelson most impressed me. I'd like to see how his character arc continues into KOF XV.

  • Along with Nelson, I'd like to see Zarina return. I'd also like to see how she and some other fighters in SNK Heroines (of which SNK has said is indeed canon to the KOF series) address their bizarre adventure from that outing.

  • While I'm not fond of this character, but I'd like for her to interact with some other fellow ex-NESTS members (e.g. Kula Diamond, Angel, and especially Nameless) as well as making a few minor adjustments to her personality (I would like if she was a bit more like the KOF's equivalent of Harley Quinn in so far as being perky, psychotic, and ridiculously over the top in her moves). Also, if in the event the King of Fighters XV had English voice acting (however unlikely), could SNK PLEASE get Tara Strong to voice her with her with something along the lines of her Harley Quinn voice.