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My name is Jessica, you my friend can call me Jess. Im 24 years old, soon to be 25 woooo half my 50s. And loving every moment of it.  At this point i should be posting something about me right, already have, need more? Ugh! Honest? 
Ok ok ok. I been playing computer games since the atari came out remembering all those days... wow when i had to kick my atari to start, and the tons of games i had for it.... Was pretty amazing my father owned them and well i got to loved them more than anyone else in the household. I believe since then gaming, media, computers everything became a passion for me.  
PC Gaming started with CS, but that shortlived after i got kicked out and my account on steam erased for being a girl. Really??? Nods, pretty correct. Which eventually i didn't care as i got to adventure off to other games, that are far better and i became more drawn to consoles again. 
Xbox (original) Doom 3. The End. 
Xbox 360, i have arcade games, shooters, racing, sports, etc. Im a all rounded lover for games. Gears of War trilogy, Call of Duty 4 were my all most favorites shooters.  L4D 1 even tho i love it on the PC also. :) gave me lots of nights of zombies and enjoyement.
PC, wow, what can i say, Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Titan Quest, Guild Wars, the list is growing.  
Generations and Generations of consoles have passed by me, with the early nintendo's Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Goldeneye!!!! Perfect Dark, Legend of Zelda, etc. All this games that equal to many i grew to enjoy and love.  
PS1 carrying my most favored RPG Ever Valkyrie Profile, extremely rare game to find. even for the PSP which they did a remake for.  The Final Fantasy series, that went to PS2 and eventually with the most confusing one on Xbox 360 the current FF : 13. PS1 game tons and tons of fun with Resident Evil, Silent Hill and The suffering.  Never owned a Sega :(  
Im Jessica, and im a GiantBomber, love video games, and i love my life :D