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What a great day.

I'm so happy today! :) Completely different to yesterday where i felt disappointed about everything going on yesterday here on the site. Well I came to a conclusion that not subscribing is a good thing also, i still remain a user for the site, i will still remain a giantbomber, but hey i wont listen to the bombcast, i simple lost respect for that decision, and its my opinion don't insult me for it.  
My life is far more important, i have a lot of things that require my money like medicine, treatments and well migrating to a different country. I have no money for this. Nor i find necessary to pay.  
Besides that, me and my other half had a few drinks, woke up feeling really rough, went back to bed, then we went to the post office to pick up our delivery as we slept over the call to sign it! I have my ring! wooooooooooooooooooooooo :D Our engagement is super official now. Is just our turn to find a way to surprise the family :) Only thing that saddens me is that my family didn't take as happy, just like. oh good for you. Oh well. We never got along very well as im different, i love rock music, games and cars, and my mum and sisters are tottaly opposite to that. 
I'm pretty sure his side of the family is going to be super super static and i can't wait for next week when we can show the ring off and that we got engaged in July this year lol!!! So hell is been hard keeping that a secret for that long while.   
The big live live show live was uhm, ok. was the best of the day to be honest. Made me laugh so much with all the random stuff they were doing lol. Oh and the dude with the 11 string bass. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! super amazing. Good thing about the show was that he got a lot of support, even from me. Is great. That guy really deserves it. His is class apart :)  
But yes, is a good day, very good day. :) I still love the community, some of the people and i still will do my reviews. Scott Pilgrim on the way :) and still will try and do wiki updates whenever possible.  
Peace out and have a great day everyone!  
Jessica Boo.