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Some of my favorite games!

Well, i don't believe that the scale in 1 - 10 fits here for me, but i love all this games equally!! :D

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  • This RPG took many hours of my life i spent hours and hours completing all 3 discs.. I found the game totally amazing for a game that never actually made the mass market and not many got the chance to know. Now is so hard to find, i wish i never sold mine :(

  • I had to put and MMO and the winner is this. I was introduced to this game in february of this year, and ever since i fell in love in how everything works within the game. I have one of every character besides a Paragon as i never found use for them. Completed all the campaigns... My other half and i spent many hours together completing quests for this.

  • I recently played this game on the PC and i couldn't actually stop, it was 26 hours of amazing fun, ends with a bang too.! Totally Impressed. :)

  • Gears of War one was my introduction to 3rd person view shooters, and i started playing online before playing the single player, and i must say, i was really bad, but i met so many people, and i got to have a wonderful community since GoW release.

  • This game was the game i bought with my xbox 360, and i love it, i guess it proved right as it was the first game i ever S-Ranked. Ever since achievements never were the same.

  • I love this game tons, the puzzle mania was something that really had me going and i spent hours awake doing this.

  • Who didn't love this game on the N64, i spent so many dizzying hours playing with my cousin. I remember my 64 dying on me i was devastated.

  • Long, took me forever, but i believe that apart from FF VI, FF VII was full start for my love for the FF series. Until number 10 - 13 came along..... Really shockingly bad. Sorry Squarenix

  • Well, i really enjoyed it what can i say, i was really into RPG at this stage of my life.

  • I heart you metal gear solid, you gave me endless hours of fun. Well like every other RPG Ive played!! :D