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So I got it and went through the first our and i have initial thoughts

The movement is terrible on 60fps. It's the first game that I actually feel a huge difference going from 120 to 60. It was like night and day. Couldn't imagine playing on 30. I don't mind slow, I liked the rdr2 movement. Getting on a horse in this game feels wrong after rdr2.

Its a good looking game but looks 4 years old. Again RDR2 did some stuff imo.

I'm excited for some mass effectish type of fighting potential

I'm excited for this tho as far as open world botw is 1 and RDR2 is 1A imo. I'd be really surprised if it made that level but I'm gonna be super glad if it does.

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watching the quick look again. is this lowkey a detective game?

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steam is having a sale for the witcher 3 for 15 bucks and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. I want a open worldish adventure game but the style isnt my favorite. it seems to lean more toward the elder scrolls side than it does the fable side. I kind of think that since I havent touched it in the 4 years its been out I shouldnt but hearing such praise about it always made me think twice. I could just go with horizon but I rather not have to dig out my launch ps4 and play something on pc.

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This is a wild "GOTY" list because only one game was actually released in this year. is this peak GOTY?

1. Dragon Ball Fighterz

other nominees

Rocket League, Overwatch, Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Rainbow 6: Siege

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beebooop booobeep

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is it just me or is Dragon Ball Z kai almost impossible to find a convenient way of watching the series? The only thing I've found is buying each season separately for 230+ dollars. is that really the only way to consume the series? Even doing my usual internet tricks I've still had no luck. did everyone already pay the 200 dollar buy in or am I just missing something?

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thank you for such an informative post! can we also talk about how funny slient library was?

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Since this is my source of WWE information I figured I'd ask here. He is hosting the challenge reunion and he is so out of left field for me. Please enlighten me on if he is anything in the wwe world?

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I've never really considered this to be such a complicated question. I'm in the camp of if you're living together then at that point Id trust them enough to have boundaries at the point of the relationship.

You could just create a partition, if you have the space, and a user account for them to use. You could even do something like creating a profile for your SO and then creating just a general game user and leave that without a password and just has streaming logins on it.

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@jetmet said:

the price of entry is more of the price of time (which you can never get back no matter what. just ask gamestop)

its not all series you need to go back but i basically went and just played 2 because i was too young and dumb to finish one and i had no idea what was going on. without the other games the beginning of KH 2 makes no sense and has very little pay off if you have no idea if i remember correctly

@jetmet said:

as @genericbrotagonist said you shouldn't need to play multiple games to understand the story.

I'm sorry but this is so baffling to me. You shouldn't have to play the games in the story to understand the story?

So you shouldn't have to watch all the Star Wars movies to understand the full story of star wars? You shouldn't have to watched all 3 lord of the rings to understand the LOTR story? It's a series. They are sequels. You even said yourself the first one you played was kingdom hearts 2 and it made no sense....well....yeah. Of course nothing is going to make sense and of course you're not going to know what's going on. You played Kingdom Hearts 2 without even at least playing the first one.

I totally understand the complaint about the installments being spread out on multiple consoles but this complaint of "I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THE THINGS IN THIS SERIES TO UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON" makes zero sense whatsoever.

I just want to say, I had watched a play through before going to KH 2. You should still be able to create a stream of consciousness for at least the console. 100% with you, wouldn't understand everything without playing the other games. That doesn't take away that the way the series was implemented created large enough plot gaps for players to notice. When the game first comes out is the biggest impact on reception. due to the other games not being on the platform, hurts it. the widespread of the internet was not as realized as it is now 13 years ago so access the story was harder.