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I'm an ex-PC gamer, and a present PS3 gamer. I support Sony more than any other company. I can't wait for the DS XL to be released where I work, so I can recommend the PSP for the same price while describing to them the endless amount of things you can do with it.
I wish that Nintendo focused their energy on making games, rather than consoles. I can truly see them succeeding that making some really fun titles for PS3, but they'll stick to their already-outdated Wii.
I despise Micro$oft simply because the 360 is only supported because it was created and conceived by a company with _too much_ money. I'll be honest, however: if the PS4 and the xbox Over 9000 come out and M$ has taken over the majority of the good developers, I will most likely bite the bullet and buy both. So it'll be a win-win for me, but I'll probably be out a couple hundred bucks.