30k in gamerscore...a milestone for me

I reached 20k in gamerscore in July of 2009. Today, I just passed 30k. I know that's nothing compared to the vast majority of members on this site, but when you have a career and 2 children under the age of six, that's pretty good. In 2009 I was 31, today I'm 34. It took three years. I guessed in my 20k post I would make it by April 2011; that was off by just a hair. I'd have to say that since July 2009, the Batman games by Rocksteady have been my favorites. I've had to replace my 360 twice in the 30k time frame. I have a feeling 40k won't be until 2015.


So I haven't bought too many new games this fall...

They say the fall season for video games officially kicks off once Madden hits retail. Well, if that's the case, I've officially bought only two new console games since then. I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum (leader for GOTY) in August and Beatles Rock Band in September. That's it. It's not because of not having enough cash or anything like that, it's just that I have failed to have anything really grab me enough.  

Buying the Beatles pretty much satisfies any rhythm game wants, so no Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero, etc. I love Halo but I'm not buying ODST until it's $40 or less. I just don't think it's worth $60. Brutal Legend is simply not my cup of tea, and the reviews of it haven't exactly increased my interest. Borderlands isn't really interesting to me either because it seems to be more of a co-op game and I play by myself usually. I'm also not crazy about it's art style. The cel shading is ok, I'm just not a fan of the art design for the characters. I don't play racing sims, so no Forza 3. I would download the new GTA IV expansion except I haven't finished The Lost and Damned. Dragon Age Origins is not even on my radar. So basically that leaves Uncharted 2. It has gotten great reviews and I'm genuinely interested in it. I primarily play 360 so this game gets put on the Christmas list.  This also goes for God of War collection for PS3.  

As for the rest of the year, Modern Warfare 2 is definitely on the "buy immediately" list. I never played the MP in Call of Duty 4 (shocking, I know) but that's because I was playing Halo 3 MP most of the time. I did not play Left 4 Dead, but I definitely admired it. The general douchebaggery of Xbox Live (Co-op again) kept me from purchasing it. It probably will do the same this time. So it looks like Modern Warfare 2 will be taking up most of my time from Nov 10th until probably Splinter Cell Conviction in late February.

Dead Space Isaac Clarke figure on it's way

In one of my finer moments of nerdiness I ordered the Comic con exclusive Dead Space figure off of Amazon in July. This is the Isaac Clarke figure that is basically black and has unitology script all over it. I'll post some pics of it later. Anybody interested in translating the script from the figure? 

Already pining for 2010

I have a list here on Giant Bomb that keeps track of all the games I'm looking forward to in 2009. Until recently, that list was looking very good. Now that I know Bioshock 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Dante's Inferno, Red Dead Revolver, and Dark Void have been pushed into 2010, I find myself severly disappointed. The only 2 games I have left are Halo 3 ODST and Modern Warfare 2. I know, those are two really big games, but I consider both of them to be a known quantity. I'm sure both will kick ass, but I don't expect anything that will break the previous formulas. I guess every year can't a 2007 (Halo 3, Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Portal, Mass Effect).

Milestone: 20k in gamerscore!

To appreciate the present I will look back to my first milestone, 10k in gamerscore. It was September 2007, and I had just finished the campaign in Halo 3 for a total gamerscore of 10036. It has taken me 1 year and 10 months to reach 20k. In that time span, I have played Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Ms. Pac-man, Carcassone, Call of Duty 4, Avatar (yes, I know), Guitar Hero 3, Rainbox Six Vegas, Fight Night Round 3, Guitar Hero 2, Sensible World of Soccer, Bioshock (Game of the year 2007), Hexic, Undertow, Pimp my Ride (shudder), Sonic the Hedgehog, Zuma, Bully, King Kong, GTA IV, Battlefield Bad Company, Dead Space (Game of the Year 2008), Gears of War 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Uno, Dash of Destruction, Call of Duty World at War, Mass Effect, Peggle, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, You're in the Movies, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Battlefield 1943. Excluding Avatar for obvious reasons, Call of Duty 4 was my highest gamerscore for a single game with 800 points. The lowest was Zuma, with 20. The most achievements for a single game is actually tied beween Dead Space and Bioshock with 38. The lowest , again, was Zuma with 2. I am roughly averaging 120 gamerscore a week. It should be noted I did not get an Xbox 360 until September of 2006. Other interesting tidbits: I've spent $180 on XBLA games. I have an S rank in 6 retail games and 1 arcade game. Will I make it to 30k before April 2011? I'm going to say it's definitely possible.


1vs 100 beta on Live

Starting from 9:30 (central) till 11:30, I was never able to get in. It kept telling me the session was full. I was pretty bummed. Did anyone else make it in? What was it like?


The most wonderful time of the year

I've got a warm fuzzy feeling, and it's not coming from the meds. No friends, it's because E3 is imminent. Not only is the best time for gamers all over the world here, it's back to it's former glory. Mega-tons will be falling, and I can't wait to hear each and every one. My iPod has already started to swell from "special episodes" of all my favorite websites who are there. Live-blogging? Yes, please. DVR each conference on G4? Of course. The only problem is that it all has to end at some point. I'll post my thoughts about Microsoft's conference later today.



Visual quality of DL video content on PSN, Xbox Live

Does anyone else think that the quality of Standard definition downloadable video content is better on PSN than Xbox Live? I have both of my boxes connected via HDMI to a 42 inch Bravia, and I think PSN movies look way better. Any time I want to watch a movie, I find myself checking PSN first because of this reason. Is it possible that there is a difference in file size for each network?



Addition I'd like to see on game pages...

I think it would be nice if each game page gave the users the ability to show they are a fan. The game page itself could show how many fans it has, and in turn the user's home page would reflect the same. If this already exists, I apologize, please let me know. I think it would be a great way for users to tind others of similar tastes,


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